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The list below shows all of the movies our team has reviewed. Click on the movie title to see award information and take action! STAY TUNED... more than 10 years of movies will be added soon!


(500)Days of Summer - PG-13
    - 500 Days of Clean Lungs. JK
10,000 B.C. - PG-13
    - In 10,000 BC humans may not have spoken English, but when times got rough the hero was able to save his village without the invention of the cigarette. RB
12 Rounds - PG-13
    - Despite one minor cigarette incident, the lack of smoking was a knockout. JK
12 Years a Slave - R
    - It is time to free our movies from tobacco.
13 Going on 30 - PG-13
    - Whether you're 13, 30, or 13 going on 30…smoking sucks. SH
1408 - PG-13
    - Horrors await those who enter 1408--and smoking is just the beginning. SS
16 Blocks - PG-13
    - For the 16 blocks of Bruce Willis' and Mos Def's journey, smoking was not to be found with one minor exception. RS
17 Again - PG-13
    - Tobacco is absent from Zac Efron's new high school. SM
2 Fast 2 Furious - PG-13
2 Guns - R
    - 2 Guns and multiple cigars. RA
2012 - PG-13
    - When the world ends, there's no time to light a cigarette. JP
2016: Obama's America - PG
    - Love him or hate him we all knew tobacco was in his life and his father's. ZC
21 - PG-13
    - Although there were only 5 players counting cards, there were more incidents than even they could count. AD
21 and Over - R
    - A hilarious tobacco-free bromance. RA
21 Jump Street - R
    - 21 Jump Street was a tobacco-free street. RA
22 Jump Street - R
    - 22 Jump Street was a funny sequel.
27 Dresses - PG-13
    - Love persevered without the presence of tobacco for Katherine Heigl in the movie 27 Dresses. HK
28 Days Later - R
    - The zombies got off easy in this one- they die quickly unlike the soldiers who hunt them who will die slow deaths from tobacco related diseases. KT
28 Weeks Later - R
    - Apparently the infected don't enjoy smoking, because there was no tobacco in 28 Weeks Later. SS
3 Days to Kill - PG-13
    - Smoking around people who have cancer is despicable.
3:10 to Yuma - R
    - Mostly lighting up the screen- the shootouts. Yee haw!
30 Days of Night - R
    - With absolutely no refernece , depiction, or mention of anything tobacco, this movie made pink lung status. AS
30 Minutes or Less - R
    - This fast-paced comedy would have been much more enjoyable without the tobacco, but thankfully the movie was rated R. MP
300 - R
    - The Spartans of Frank Miller's 300 are too busy protecting their country to light up any form of tobacco. BP
300: Rise of an Empire - R
    - The rise of an empire and the fall of tobacco.
40 Year-Old Virgin, The - R
    - Too bad the "Virgin's" other 40 year-old friends aren't tobacco use virgins. KT
42 - PG-13
    - Another tobacco filled baseball movie. RA
47 Ronin - PG-13
    - 47 Ronin was packed with action but not tobacco.
50 First Dates - PG-13
    - Despite Drew Barrymore's memory loss, she along with the rest of the cast never forgot that tobacco is unhealthy and unneeded. LRH
50/50 - R
    - Overall, the directors and actors stayed true to life and did not glamourize tobacco use. MP
8 Mile - R
88 Minutes - R
    - 88 minutes was a gripping, entertaining and suspenseful movie but what made it even better was that there was absolutely no tobacco use in it. TV
9 - PG-13
    - All 9 are mighty fine- they don't smoke, it's no joke. SM
A Good Day to Die Hard - R
    - Smoking is a bad way to die hard. KT
A Haunted House - R
    - Tobacco scares more people than a haunted house. RA
A Haunted House 2 - R
    - A Haunted House 2 is a smoke-free house, again.
A Lot Like Love - PG-13
    - Although there was a lot of smoking in the beginning of the movie it is refreshing to hear Ashton Kutcher's character and others counter that message with anti-tobacco comments. JC
A Million Ways to Die in the West - R
    - A Million Ways to Smoke in the West.
A Nightmare on Elm Street - R
    - When you want to avoid a nightmare, avoid tobacco. AP
A Perfect Getaway - R
    - Although Gina smokes it wasn't tobacco but Nick mentions a particular brand of cigarettes giving this movie the auto-black lung. SM
A Team, The - PG-13
    - There is no excuse for for portraying tobacco in a movie that is being watched by millions of people everywhere. AI
A Thousand Words - PG-13
    - A Thousand words and zero tobacco. AI
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas - R
    - It was more of a black Christmas than a white Christmas for Harold and Kumar. LT
Abandon - PG-13
Abduction - PG-13
    - Abduction, action packed and tobacco-free. RA
About a Boy - PG-13
About Last Night - R
    - No smoking in About Last Night.
About Schmidt - R
About Time - R
    - Smoking is definitely not sexy.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - R
    - Tobacco kills. AL
Accepted - PG-13
    - While other movies would have had tons of smoking in an unchaperoned, party-school environment, Accepted did not. RB
Across the Universe - PG-13
    - Set in the '60's this 2007 movie didn't refrain from sending pro-tobacco messages across the universe. SM
Act of Valor - R
    - The act of valor to keep our lungs safe from tobacco. LT
Adjustment Bureau, The - PG-13
    - The Adjustment Bureau adjusted the amount of smoking to zero, what we like to see! EP
Admisson - PG-13
    - Want to get admitted into Princeton? Don't smoke. QT
Adventureland - R
    - Without tobacco, the 'Adventure' might've been more fun. EC
Adventures of Pluto Nash - PG-13
Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl, The - PG
    - Max's dreams were so strong that he made shark boy and lava girl real - luckily his dreams didn't contain any tobacco. MT
Adventures of Tintin, The - PG
    - This exciting adventure would have been even better without tobacco smoking. RC
Aeon Flux - PG-13
    - No Big Tobacco residue here, Flux genuinely delivers spotless stunts. SM
African Cats - G
    - I really liked the film, African Cats, especially because there was no tobacco in it. AP
After Earth - PG-13
    - After earth tobacco will be non-existent. RA
After the Sunset - PG-13
    - The paradise atmosphere of Jamaica in After the Sunset couldn't escape the fatal use of cigars. VW
Against the Ropes - PG-13
    - Unfortunately even Luther Shaw couldn't throw a TKO at tobacco use in this film. PL
Agent Cody Banks - PG
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London - PG
    - Agent Cody Banks might be a crime-fighting hero but he needs to work on fighting to take out the tobacco use in this film. LL
Akeelah and the Bee - PG
    - Akeelah barely escaped receiving an auto black lung as she walks in on her cigarette-smoking mother (Angela Bassett) who promptly snuffs out the cigarette. Since this is the only scene where Bassett uses a cigarette to show stress why include it? JF & SM
Alamo, The - PG-13
    - The only thing epic about The Alamo is the amount of unnecessary smoking this movie got away with. AN
Alex & Emma - PG-13
Alex Cross - PG-13
    - Nothing but action! RA
Alexander - R
    - Alexander the great influential leader forged an incredible empire without the presence of tobacco. MT
Alfie - R
    - Alfie will have bigger problems than finding girls if he doesn't put down his cigarettes. JM
Alice in Wonderland - PG
    - The older Alice and the younger Alice are victims of the Blue Caterpillar's hookah smoking. SM
Alien Vs. Predator - PG-13
    - The humans, aliens, and predators all know that tobacco is their common enemy. PL
Aliens in the Attic - PG
    - A tobacco-free alien invasion. JP
All About Steve - PG-13
    - One line equating good looks with the Marlboro Man was a disappointment and could have easily been avoided. MP
All the King's Men - PG-13
    - All the king's horses and all the king's men won't be able to fix the damage done to these actors' bodies due to their tobacco use. LH
Along Came Polly - PG-13
    - Along cam a comedic movie with no tobacco use… what a relief. AM
Alpha and Omega - PG
    - "With strong, smoke-free lungs Alpha and Omega find their way back to the pack."
Alpha Dog - R
    - Alpha Dog pack runs headfirst into trouble by smoking pack after pack. RE
Alvin and the Chipmunks - PG
    - The chipmunks know tobacco-free is the way to be. AM
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel - PG
    - Even in the squeakquel, rock stars Alvin and the Chipmunks know how to stay tobacco-free. J-AL
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked - G
    - Though Dave does find himself hollering ALVIN! all the time, tobacco use is never the reason why. ZC
Amazing Grace - PG
    - Amazing Grace didn't save its viewers from pro-tobacco messages. Many of the tobacco images, albeit pipes, looked like a clip from a current-day setting movie containing people smoking on work breaks and as a social thing to do. SM
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The - PG-13
    - This movie would have been amazing if it wasn't for the brand depiction.
Amazing Spider-Man, The - PG-13
    - The Amazing Spider man will protect you from tobacco. RA
Amelia - PG
    - An international hero who endorsed smoking would not have a happy ending. Ultimately it was the smoking around a child that gave this film a black lung. DN & SM
American Dreamz - PG-13
    - Yet again, filmmakers are determined to show wealth and power through the use of a cigar. Could there possibly be a more creative prop used to portray this message to the audience? SM
American Gangster - R
    - Everyone in this movie should have been convicted of smoking. CS
American Hustle - R
    - Hey J-Law, smoking around a child is not cool.
American Reunion - R
    - A reunion, but not with tobacco. RA
American Wedding - R
    - American Wedding is this summer's comic relief. The film was both funny, romantic, and tobacco-free. What a perfect match. LH
American, The - R
    - Tobacco should not be a source of relaxation. AP
Amityville Horror, The - R
    - A grey lung is cast over the first scene where we see Ronnie must be addicted to cigarettes due to the butt-filled ashtray seen in his room prior to his violence against his family. Otherwise this movie would have received a pink. SM
An American Carol - PG-13
    - It doesn't matter if you are liberal or conservative, the harmful effects of cigar use reach from left to right. SM
An American Haunting - PG-13
    - John's smoking (although not much) may see the Bell Family haunted by much more than just demonic forces. MT
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid - PG-13
    - The minimal amount of tobacco use in this film caused the orchid to slightly wilt and the pink lung to fade. SM & MT
Analyze That - R
Anchorman - PG-13
    - An ashtray on every table in Anchorman is not necessary and could have been completely removed from the story. AM
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues - PG-13
    - A sequel with smoking.
Angels and Demons - PG-13
    - Not much tobacco use in this film although the demon cigarette shows up in a scene or two. SM
Anger Management - PG-13
Annapolis - PG-13
    - Annapolis creating navymen, not smokers. DF
Ant Bully, The - PG
    - The 'cloud-breather' is killing his (and Lucas') lungs and heart quicker than he is killing bugs. KY
Antwone Fisher - PG-13
Apocalypto - R
    - Mel Gibson redeems himself by showing people that at the end of the world there's no tobacco and at the birth of a new world tobacco won't exist. PL
Apollo 18 - PG-13
    - There is no smoking in space. AI
Appaloosa - R
    - Guns and tobacco can only lead to tears. EC
Aquamarine - PG
    - Even ditzy Cecilia knew it wasn’t cool to smoke. KT
Are We Done Yet? - PG
    - Ice Cube was certainly Done with his Smoking days. RB
Are We There Yet? - PG-13
    - Ice Cube has arrived in this movie with a welcomed anti-tobacco message. ML
Argo - R
    - It does not take CIA intelligence to tell that smoking is unhealthy. AN
Armored - PG-13
    - Even a somewhat small amount of tobacco incidents can leave an everlasting effect, especially when the stars of the film are the ones smoking. AI
Around the World in 80 Days - PG
    - This movie shouldn't have included tobacco use especially because this movie was targeted towards kids, which I saw many in the theater. RL
Arthur - PG-13
    - Even though Arthur was a wealthy party-boy who had everything at his disposal, he was never seen using tobacco. JD
Arthur and the Invisibles - PG
    - While almost invisible, too bad we get a glimpse of Archibald holding a pipe. RB
Arthur Christmas - PG
    - Arthur's Christmas is cheery and tobacco-free. RC
Artist, The - PG-13
    - The Artist was able to become a successful movie without sound yet it could have been outstanding movie if it removed the tobacco. AJ
Assault on Precinct 13 - R
    - A person has a better chance of surviving the night with over 30 trained cops trying to kill him than trying to survive a life of using tobacco. DW
Astro Boy - PG
    - This astro adventure is smoke-free. SM
Astronaut Farmer, The - PG
    - Charles Farmer pursued in building a rocket but did not pursue a smoking habit. AJ
ATL - PG-13
    - Unfortunately, Atlanta is not a smoke-free environment as ATL contained many smoking incidents and specific brand depiction in the form of a Marlboro poster. SG & CJ
Atonement - R
    - The fact that this film is a war-time period piece does not atone for the large amount of tobacco use it contains, which makes one believe that smoking is a normal thing to do in almost every circumstance. CM
August Rush - PG
    - There was not much of a "Rush" to smoke tobacco in this movie. JK
August: Osage County - R
    - An actress with mouth cancer smoking cigarettes.
Australia - PG-13
    - Australia showed us that the country is a beautiful place, but it’d be better without the smoking. HH
Avatar - PG-13
    - In the world of Avatar, everything is modern and technologically forward, but obviously the creators were not thinking forward when they included smoking in several scenes of the movie. MP
Avatar 3-D - PG-13
    - Same movie, Same space, Same smoke. JP
Avengers, The - PG-13
    - Our superheroes are tobacco free! LT
Aviator, The - PG-13
    - Although the director depicted the smoking of real life people, the tobacco use by extras in the movie could've been flown out if the director wanted it to. PL
AVPR: Alien vs Predator - Requiem - R
    - There is no place for tobacco in the war between the Aliens and the Predators. PL
Awake - R
    - The stars smoke in this film but the filmmakers artistically (as opposed to realistically) showed smoking related to death. SM
Away We Go - R
    - Away we go without any tobacco. HH
Babel - R
    - Various means of communication were seen as stunted in Babel, but cigarette smoking seemed to cross all borders, from Mexico, to Japan, to the US, linking everyone together in a world of secondhand smoke including young children at a wedding. CM
Babies - PG
    - No matter what country the babies were in they kept it smoke-free. AJ
Baby Mama - PG-13
    - Tiny Fey’s baby mama stayed smoke free throughout the movie to give birth to a very healthy baby. RB
Babylon A.D. - PG-13
    - Mercenary Toorop lets smoking get in the way of his job. JK
Back-up Plan, The - PG-13
    - The first plan may not have worked, but the Back-up plan did, because tobacco was not present. ZC
Bad Boys II - R
    - No wonder the bad guys lose in the end, they couldn't see through their own cigar smoke. LB
Bad Company - PG-13
Bad News Bears - PG-13
    - Morris Buttermaker kills unwanted rodents with pesticides and coaches a little league team for extra money at the same time. Hopefully the children can survive Mr. Buttermaker's constant smoking habit or else they may be exterminated as well. MT
Bad Santa - R
    - Click on the movie title to see just why we gave Bad Santa's annoying habit an automatic black lung, it'll blow you away. LN
Bad Teacher - R
    - Cameron Diaz really was a bad teacher by supporting tobacco use among a myriad of other more questionable substances in the movie Bad Teacher. HK
Baggage Claim - PG-13
    - Romantic, Funny, and Smoke-Free! RA
Balls of Fury - PG-13
    - I'd take ping-pong over cigarettes anyday, too bad there was a fury of tobacco use in this film. MB
Banger Sisters - R
Bangkok Dangerous - R
    - Bangkok Dangerous was an action packed movie, without being tobacco packed. FB
Bank Job, The - R
    - With the amount of smoking in this movie they could have used a smoke screen to aid in the bank heist. SM
Barbershop - PG-13
Barbershop 2: Back in Business - PG-13
    - In rebuttal to the tobacco use in this film: Cigar use does not put one ahead in business nor does smoking cigarettes help one pass the GED. SM
Barnyard: The Original Party Animals - PG
    - Barnyard almost made it but one ending scene contained depiction of tobacco use, and in a kid's movie! SK
Basic - R
Basic Instinct 2 - R
    - Dr. Michael Glass may not have been sure of the real murderer, but tobacco is a clear killer in any case. MT
Batman Begins - PG-13
    - Batman challenged us in reviewing for its content...a bar scene may have included an extra smoking a cigarette but since it was not completely evident the Caped Crusader receives the Pink. (A DVD re-review may change this lung award decision.) SM
Battle of the Year - PG-13
    - Battle against tobacco. RA
Battle: Los Angeles - PG-13
    - Tobacco was not Battled in this movie. AT
Battleship - PG-13
    - The battle for Earth begins without cigarettes. KT
Be Cool - PG-13
    - In the movie Be Cool, this reviewer finds the characters' smoking habits far from cool (although that is exactly what the filmmakers were going for) and use in a California bar inappropriate and unrealistic. VW
Be Kind Rewind - PG-13
    - Be Kind Rewind should have rewound some incidents of tobacco use, but because of the historical reference, the movie received a pink lung award. RA
Bears - G
    - This bear documentary is adorable.
Beastly - PG-13
    - The beastly, best does not seem as ugly because he doesn’t smoke. BP
Beautiful Creatures - PG-13
    - Beautiful creatures are the ones who don’t smoke. AN
Beauty and the Beast - G
    - A happy ending for Beauty and the Beast as a result of their love and a smoke-free lifestyle. QT
Beauty Shop - PG-13
    - I was impressed with how Beauty Shop found ways to depict the messages they wanted without the use of tobacco. SW
Because I Said So - PG-13
    - Diane Keaton is just your normal, overprotective, overbearing, over the top mother, but the thing that makes her great is the fact that she doesn’t smoke! JG
Because of Winn-Dixie - PG
    - Winn-Dixie is aimed towards younger children and is a tobacco-free winner. EF
Bedtime Stories - PG
    - Patrick and Bobbi dream up the greatest bedtime stories but the best part is that they are tobacco free. ZC
Bee Movie - PG
    - This movie could have been stung by a light grey lung, but the strong anti-tobacco messages integral to the plot earned it a pink lung. KT
Beerfest - R
    - Beer was the main drug of choice, but tobacco had its moments as well. SS
Begin Again - R
    - This dramatic comedy would have been amazing if it wasn't for the main star smoking the entire time.
Benchwarmers, The - PG-13
    - The benchwarmers set a good example by not smoking; too bad we can't say the same about their ball field rivals. KT
Bend it Like Beckham - PG-13
Beowulf - PG-13
    - Hold on to your seats for all those interested in seeing Beowulf, a gory, action-packed movie that is absolutely tobacco-free, mainly because tobacco wasn't invented in that time! HK
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The - PG-13
    - You don't need to tobacco to live a long, happy life. AP
Best Man Holiday, The - R
    - This movie receives the best possible award, a pink lung!
Beverly Hills Chihuahua - PG
    - These dogs are smart. Smart enough to stay away from tobacco. AM
Bewitched - PG-13
    - The remake of "bewitched" should have left the smoking in the sixties and seventies, because there was no room for smoke with all of the magic in the air. AF
Big Fat Liar - PG
Big Fish - PG-13
    - Very minimal tobacco use makes this movie a pretty good catch. SS
Big Miracle - PG
    - A movie about small town's effort to save a family of whales in the Arctic Circle is kept pristine and clear with no tobacco use. AS
Big Momas: Like Father Like Son - PG-13
    - You don’t have to light up a cigarette to light up the stage. GJ
Big Momma's House 2 - PG-13
    - Even though Big Momma didn't like Molly's rebellious image, thankfully, her image wasn't further tainted by tobacco use. CJ
Big Trouble - PG-13
Big Wedding, The - R
    - Big Wedding? More like Big Tobacco making another deput on screen. RA
Big Year, The - PG
    - The Big Tobacco-Free Year. RA
Biker Boyz - PG-13
Black Dahlia, The - R
    - Another period piece with tobacco filled scenes. It's annoying that filmmakers use the "smoking was prevelant at the time" tactic but include current day speech that would not have been said during the period. SM
Black Nativity - PG
    - Black Nativity had lots of singing but no tobacco.
Black Snake Moan - R
    - Many people lived unhealthy lives in Black Snake Moan; unfortunately, smoking was a part of that. SS
Black Swan - R
    - Black Swan, Black Lungs. AI
Blade: Trinity - R
    - Wow! I thought the swearing was bad but the tobacco use was more disgusting. CL
Blades of Glory - PG-13
    - They should have skated away from smoking. AJ
Blended - PG-13
    - This funny movie had zero tobacco.
Blind Side, The - PG-13
    - The directors of this movie obviously had a blind side regarding tobacco use. HC
Block Party - R
    - Apparently it isn't a party for Dave Chapelle without the use of cigarettes. LH
Blood Diamond - R
    - DiCaprio's character does more than smuggling diamonds across the border, he smuggles toxins into his lungs. AB
Blood Work - R
Blue Crush - PG-13
Blue Jasmine - PG-13
    - Dont stress and smoke. RA
Boat Trip - R
Bobby - R
    - Bobby may have been real, but the characters in this film were not; their tobacco use and brand depiction earn this movie a black lung. LH
Body of Lies - R
    - The lies of tobacco are told in this film as it was filled with smokers using tobacco to look powerful, unique, and for relaxation. SM
Bolt - PG
    - While the super dog Bolt lost his powers, his movie stayed strong and tobacco free. CF
Boogeyman - PG-13
    - Even the Boogeyman knows to stay away from tobacco. SK
Book of Eli, The - R
    - In a post-apocalyptic world, 'The Book of Eli' contained no tobacco. DN
Book Theif, The - PG-13
    - Smoking was seen in the background of this movie.
Borat! - R
    - Kazakhstan learned that their culture involves smoking more than American culture according to Borat's documentary. LL
Bounty Hunter, The - PG-13
    - Even with the nonsensical story line, The Bounty Hunter receives two thumbs up in regards to tobacco. JK
Bourne Identity - PG-13
Bourne Legacy, The - PG-13
    - Smoking needs to be terminated. RA
Bourne Supremecy, The - PG-13
    - Jason Bourne proves himself supreme by keeping himself smoke-free, but a few extras should have learned from his example. CJ
Bourne Ultimatum, The - PG-13
    - Unlike its predecessors this box office hit proves it’s the ultimate Bourne by not including tobacco use.
Box, The - PG-13
    - The Box...hopefully not a box of cigarettes. JP
Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The - PG-13
    - Not a lot of smoking for a movie set in WWII but the tobacco use and visible smoke rings around an 8 year old earns this movie a black lung. SM
Bratz: The Movie - PG
    - The Bratz have "a passion for fashion" and show that pink is definitely in! AS
Brave - PG
    - Princess Merida needs no tobacco, because she is brave. ZC
Brave One, The - R
    - "The Brave One" needs to focus on getting rid of her cigarette addiction than on getting rid of those she holds a grudge against. EC
Breach - PG-13
    - The only thing infectious and dangerous to the United States Government in this movie was the FBI mole Robert Hanssen. SS
Break-Up, The - PG-13
    - Unfortunately, some of the characters in this movie did not seem to want to "break-up" with their cigar use. LH
Breakin' All The Rules - PG-13
    - The next self-help book Quincy (Jaime Foxx) needs to write is "How to help your friends quit smoking. KT
Brick Mansions - PG-13
    - A lot of smoking in Brick Mansions.
Bride Wars - PG
    - The brides go at it but tobacco isn't an issue. SM
Bridesmaids - R
    - Without the pipe scene, this movie would have had everyone rolling on the floor laughing (with their healthy lungs) for the entire two hours. MP
Bridge to Terabithia - PG
    - We found a smoke-free path while traveling over the Bridge to Terabithia.
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason - R
    - The amount of tobacco use by Renee Zellweger (Bridget Jones) could be a career ender. LL
Bringing Down the House - PG-13
Brokeback Mountain - R
    - Handsome cowboys and beautiful women are seen using tobacco in this potential Oscar contender. SM
Broken City - R
    - Although the film addresses what constitutes a nefarious person, it is oblivious to the nefarious nature of tobacco. WS
Brooklyn's Finest - R
    - Whether good guy or bad guy the finest in Brooklyn use tobacco. SM
Brother Bear - G
    - Brother Bear was about breaking down prejudices and seeing from another's eyes- smoke free and truly sweet. SS
Brothers - R
    - Being a star with attractive looks and boyish charm, Jake Gyllenhaal's tobacco use has a large affect on audiences. TV
Brothers Grimm, The - PG-13
    - Filmmakers could have slipped a cigar into Gendarme's hand but instead utilized his acting abilities and wardrobe to display his power and wealth- showing that you can portray an era without including its deadly habits. KV
Brown Sugar - PG-13
Bruce Almighty - PG-13
Bruno - R
    - Bruno exposes all -extent of tobacco use in the world, and himself. EC
Bucket List, The - PG-13
    - These people know that smoking makes you kick the bucket. HH
Bug - R
    - Bug is a horrifying phsychological thriller, all the more so because of the prevalence of tobacco. SS
Bullet to the Head - PG-13
    - A Bullet to the Head not the lungs. RA
Bulletproof Monk - PG-13
Burlesque - PG-13
    - Dancing is so much easier without tobacco filled lungs. AI
Burn After Reading - PG-13
    - The brilliant gym employee duo have to tackle tobacco as they set off into their mission to become good samaritans. KY
Butterfly Effect, The - R
    - Although not commonly found in films this movie contained one strong anti-tobacco message but the amount of smoking done by children, clearly underage, was enough to outweigh the anti-tobacco commentary. KE
Cabin Fever - R
    - Tobacco would have killed these people if a flesh eating virus hadn't- Lung cancer-catch it! SL
Cabin in the Woods, The - R
    - The crazy cabin in the woods. RA
Cadillac Records - R
    - Everyone will be singing blues FOR you if you die of lung cancer - because YOU won't be singing them anymore. EC
Calendar Girls - PG-13
    - Sad to see any tobacco (even if it may have been reflecting actual events in this real life story) in this film that was so clearly about fighting the evils of cancer. KT
Call, The - R
    - Make the right call and take tobacco out of our movies. NL
Campaign, The - R
    - Smoking tobacco wont help you win office. AP
Capitalism: A Love Story - R
    - Although, in the most insignificant scene tobacco had the capability of portraying a pro-tobacco message, this movie receives an auto pink because smokingis done by an historical figure.
Captain America: The First Avenger - PG-13
    - The first avenger showed us many great qualities of a healthy solider. LT
Captain America: The Winter Soldier - PG-13
    - Captain America saved the world from tobacco yet again!
Captain Phillips - PG-13
    - This is the Captain speaking, please put out all the cigarettes.
Carrie - R
    - What a scary and smoke-free movie.
Cars - G
    - Fortunately, tobacco is a no-show at the races. SM
Cars 2 - PG
    - Lots of racing and no smoking! RA
Casa de mi Padre - R
    - Casa de Tobacco. ZC
Case 39 - R
    - Tobacco is not a solution to your fears. RA
Casino Royale - PG-13
    - Daniel Craig as James Bond shows us you can be "The Man" without having to light up a cancer stick. AC
Cat in the Hat, The - PG
    - Tobacco wasn't one of the things in the Cat's Hat. PL
Catch and Release - PG-13
    - This movie didn’t receive the pink lung it should have due to a quick smoking incident in a bar. AJ
Catch Me If You Can - PG-13
Catch that Kid - PG
    - Catch that Kid definitely won't be catching any smoking related diseases. SM
Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore - PG
    - Thankfully, Cats and Dogs had no tobacco galore. SR
Catwoman - PG-13
    - Purr-fectly tobacco free! KT
Cave, The - PG-13
    - The cave is a tobacco-free environment. RL
Cellular - PG-13
    - When Ryan picked up his phone, he saved a life, but when Ronnie picked up a cigarette, he's ending one. LL
Change-Up, The - R
    - Time to Change-Up smoking in movies to no smoking in movies. RA
Changeling - R
    - Seems the powers that be also don't care if there is smoking around children in this film. SM
Changing Lanes - PG-13
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - PG
    - This story definitely gives clear messages with out the use of tobacco. EF
Charlie St. Cloud - PG-13
    - Without a scene of tobacco, carelessly sail away with Charlie St. Cloud. AI
Charlie Wilson's War - R
    - Charlie Wilson's war should have been against tobacco use.
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - PG-13
    - These three phenomenal ladies are smart enough to stay tobacco free, unfortunately the rest of the cast wasn't. SL
Charlotte's Web - G
    - Although Wilbur, Charlotte, and the gang may have to deal with tough situations they never have to worry about secondhand smoke. SM
Chasing Liberty - PG-13
    - Being smoke-free allowed Liberty her freedom, but the extras in this movie were captured by a dark grey lung. SM
Cheaper by the Dozen - PG
    - A perfectly "pink" movie, the way it should be. SM
Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - PG
    - The Bakers kept this family film tobacco-free! KT
Chef - R
    - These Chefs smoke when they are sad, happy, and around kids.
Chernobyl Diaries - R
    - Tobacco is worse than any radiation. RA
Chicago - PG-13
Chicken Little - G
    - The characters may have to worry about the sky falling, but lung cancer will be the farthest thing from their mind. KV
Children of Men - R
    - Maybe one of the reasons women weren't having babies anymore was because of all that second-hand smoke. LH
Chimpanzee - G
    - Chimpanzee is a fun, informative film that is completely tobacco-free. RC
Christmas with the Kranks - PG
    - The Kranks ended up not skipping Christmas this year, but Vic Frohmeyer (Dan Aykroyd) should have skipped the tobacco, everyone else did. JF
Chronicle - PG-13
    - Chronicle was a film filled with portrayals of "cool" and "bad ass" high school students, and none of them smoked! EP
Chronicles of Narnia, The: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - PG
    - The voyage on the Dawn Treader had nothing to do with tobacco on their way to adventure. LT
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The - PG
    - As the epic of Narnia continues, its dependence from tobacco begins. CF
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The - PG
    - The world of Narnia was smoke-free but back in the real world the unfortunate use of a pipe around children made us wish for a quicker return to Narnia. KS-C and CJ
Chronicles of Riddick, The - PG-13
    - The famous anti-hero, Riddick, doesn't use tobacco but other cast members do, even mentioning a cigarette brand name. VW & KT
Cinderella Man - PG-13
    - The only way Russell Crowe would have been knocked out is from the amount of smoke around the ring. AS
Cinderella Story, A - PG
    - Cinderella will live happily ever after in this tobacco-free movie. AM
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant - PG-13
    - The show goes on tobacco free!! AI
City by the Sea - R
Clash of the Titans - PG-13
    - The 2010 remake of The Clash of Titans stays true to its 80 original by avoiding tobacco. CK-R
Clerks II - R
    - Smoking was not a laughing matter in the craziness. RL
Click - PG-13
    - If I had a universal remote that could control my universe... I’d delete the smoking scenes. LL
Clockstoppers - PG
Closer - R
    - The actors were misguided in both love and in their excessive use of cigarettes. KD
Cloud Atlas - R
    - The choices we make really can have a negative impact on those around us and the future. Just like choosing to smoke. KT
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - PG
    - 0% chance of tobacco in "Meatballs". JK
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 - PG
    - Cloudy but tobacco free. RA
Cloverfield - PG-13
    - The Pink Lung was almost attacked due to specific brand depiction but lack of tobacco use throughout the film saved the pink! SM
Club Dread - R
    - The mythical "Machete Phil" won't be the only killer at Club Dread if the tobacco use doesn't stop. MT
Coach Carter - PG-13
    - Coach Carter was able to turn one of the worst basketball teams into champions. Too bad his job wasn't to change the few smokers in this film into non-smoking winners. MT
Cold Creek Manor - R
    - The perfect house doesn't do too good of a job hiding the perfect crime- smoking that is. LN
Cold Mountain - R
    - It is good to see that tobacco is a rarity in this movie. AM
Collateral - R
    - Collateral leaves the tobacco locked up and plays by the rules (no smoking in California bars), which saves the pink lung despite convenience store brand depictions. KE
Collateral Damage - R
Collection, The - R
    - This was not a collection of tobacco. RA
College Road Trip - G
    - Since this is a family based movie, I was glad to see that it showed no tobacco. It is a step in the right direction for hollywood. TV
Colombiana - PG-13
    - Colombiana, packed with action and tobacco. RA
Comebacks, The - PG-13
    - The coach in this film sets bad examples including the use of chewing tobacco. AD
Conan the Barbarian - R
    - It's barbaric to see tobacco being used! LT
Condemned, The - R
    - The real condemned ones are all the actors that chose to smoke in this film. LH
Confessions of a Shopaholic - PG
    - Happily, tobacco use wasn't one of the confessions. SM
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - PG
    - This drama queen knows that she can express herself without turning to tobacco. SS
Confidence - R
Conjuring, The - R
    - Scary and smoke-free. RA
Constant Gardner, The - R
    - One questions the motives of the actor displaying the blatant brand depiction. SM
Constantine - R
    - This edgy movie shows the real effects of using tobacco- coughing up blood, cancer-filled lungs, death by tobacco use. In one scene the Surgeon General's Warning is prominently placed and a stick of gum is used as a way to quit smoking. PL
Contagion - PG-13
    - The Center for Disease Control still advises not smoking to its panicked population in a fatal virus-riddled world. ED
Contraband - not rated
    - Tobacco is not worth the process of contraband. AP
Conviction - R
    - The conviction is clear: this movie is guilty of tobacco use. AI
Cookout, The - PG-13
    - Participants celebrate a cookout with tobacco use, especially the asthmatic Wheeze, who smokes without fully exploring the consequences. VW & CJ
Cop Out - R
    - The officers in Cop Out put the lights out on tobacco use. AM
Coraline - PG
    - As dark as this movie was , there was no tobacco. J-AL
Core, The - PG-13
Corpse Bride - PG
    - Although the carriage driver smoked so many pipes he coughed himself to death, this movie missed a pink lung by showing two corpses constantly making pipes look like a good way to celebrate. CJ
Counselor, The - R
    - This movie needs some serious counseling.
Country Bears, The - G
Couples Retreat - PG-13
    - There is no need for a puff or taste of tobacco when there is happiness all around you. AP
Courageous - PG-13
    - Courageously tobacco-free. AI
Coutry Strong - PG-13
    - Even though Country Strong had an anti-tobacco message, it wasn’t strong enough to earn it anything less than a dark grey lung. JD
Covenant, The - PG-13
    - The Covenant definitely had some shocking and downright scary scenes and although there was minimal smoking there was no shock of extreme tobacco use. BP
Cowboys & Aliens - PG-13
    - Tobacco usage should be alienated. AP
Cradle 2 the Grave - R
Crank - R
    - The directors didn't "crank" up the tobacco use in this one, at least all the way. PL
Crank: High Voltage - R
    - Tobacco is present throughout the chase for the missing heat. NS
Crash - R
    - Tobacco gets caught up in the many messages shown in this movie - including one that gives this movie the auto black...smoking allowed in a California workplace. SM
Crazies, The - R
    - Not a crazy amount of tobacco in this film. SM
Crazy Heart - R
    - Crazy is what we call the amount of tobacco use in this film. SM
Crazy, Stupid, Love. - PG-13
    - Crazy, tobacco-free, Smart, Love. AI
Croods, The - PG
    - No tobacco use back when cave-people like the Croods roamed the drifting continents. RC
Crossroads - PG
    - The only thing smoking was Britney's wonderful performance.
Cry Wolf - PG-13
    - Luckily, tobacco wasn't one of the deadly games played in Cry Wolf. RS
Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The - PG-13
    - Life isn't measured in minutes, but in moments, and apparently in tobacco incidents. JL
Curious George - G
    - Curious George luckily was not curious about trying tobacco, however a few of the extraas in his movie were attached to certain tobacco forms. AQ
Cursed - PG-13
    - The nonexistent tobacco in "Cursed" was as apparent as the full moon by which the werewolves transformed. CS
Cyrus - R
    - Despite the many scenes in which they could portray smoking, the directors of Cyrus decided not to compromise the health of their audience. CK-R
Da Vinci Codes, The - PG-13
    - Robert Langdon was a master at cracking puzzles and symbols but he wasn't able to see the symbol of a cigar as a health hazard. PL
Daddy Day Camp - PG
    - "Day Camp" is just as it shoud be; the great outdoors in a clean smoke-free environment. EC
Daddy Day Care - PG
Daddy's Little Girls - PG-13
    - Although not condoned, the use of tobacco around children was used to exaggerate the persona of a negligent parent. The movie also included a woman dying from tobacco induced lung cancer, earning this film a balanced rating. CM
Dairy of a Whimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules - PG
    - Dear Diary, the movie Diary of a Whimpy Kid: Roderick Rules was smoke free! JD
Dallas Buyers Club - R
    - Smokers Club.
Dan in Real Life - PG-13
    - Steve Carrel playing a family man named Dan kept his life very real and smoke free by having no incidents in his movie. RB
Dance Flick - PG-13
    - Although Megan White feels depressed because of her mother's death, she does not fall into the disgusting tobacco habit and instead dances with her friends. ZC
Daredevil - PG-13
Dark Blue - R
Dark Knight, The - PG-13
    - The sleek and cool batman nor the psychotic joker used tobacco which goes to show that in order to be a great actor, you don't need to light up on the big screen. Unfortunately, a credited non-star did smoke, earning this movie a dark grey lung . TV
Dark Night Rises, The - PG-13
    - A Fire Will Rise but not from tobacco smoke. KT
Dark Shadows - PG-13
    - Watch out for Dark Shadows of smoke! AI
Dark Skies - PG-13
    - Dark Skies, filled with dark tobacco smoke. RA
Dark Water - PG-13
    - Although the movie otherwise contained few minor instances, the flagrant use of tobacco in a specific non-smoking area warrants an automatic black lung. DW
Darkest Hour, The - PG-13
    - The Darkest Hour was a smoke-free hour. RA
Darkness - PG-13
    - In Darkness, almost everyone puts out their "lights". AM
Darkness Falls - PG-13
Date Movie - PG-13
    - Jinxie the cat blowing heart-shaped cigarette smoke rings was enough to make one spit up a hair ball, or in Jinxie's case a lung. SM
Date Night - PG-13
    - Neither the mischievous DA, nor the "bad guy" Miletto, nor the rebellious young couple smoke, even in the shadiest of places and situations. KA
Dawn of the Dead - R
    - Killer zombies aren't the only reason the characters in Dawn of the Dead would have died. SM
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - PG-13
    - No need for tobacco in a stressful situation.
Day After Tomorrow, The - PG-13
    - The day after tomorrow will be smoke-free thanks to this movie. AM
Day the Earth Stood Still, The - PG-13
    - The director of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" did a great job in keeping smoking out of his movie. SS
Daybreakers - R
    - Daybreakers really bites into tobacco, both cigars and cigarettes. SM
Dead Man Down - R
    - Such a huge disappointment to see Colin Farrell light up on screen. RA
Dead Silence - R
    - Due to the fact that most of the characters in this movie were dolls, there wasn't much smoking. SS
Dear John - PG-13
    - Dear John, smoking is a bad habit, I wish my father wouldn't. J-AL
Death at a Funeral - R
    - An anti-tobacco message may have saved someone from dying at the funeral from lung cancer. JK
Death Race - R
    - If 'Death Race' doesn't kill these inmates, tobacco will do the job. EC
Death Sentence - R
    - This movie showed constant references to tobacco with very little argument against them. It seemed that in almost every scene the filmmakers would fit in a cigarette somehow. AS
Death to Smoochy - R
Debt, The - R
    - Tobacco kills more people than secret agents do. RA
Deception - R
    - The glamorous portrayal of tobacco is the real deception. SM
Deck the Halls - PG
    - Deck the Halls lit up the holiday season with lights instead of cigarettes. CM
Defiance - R
    - Tuvia didn't fight off those deadly cigarettes quite as well as he did the Nazi soldiers, but he did pretty good. TA
Definitely, Maybe - PG-13
    - The should Definitely, not Maybe, quit smoking in this film. EC
Déjà Vu - PG-13
    - Hopefully there is no repeat of this smoke-filled movie, where people even talk about how great smoking is. RB
Deliver Us from Evil - R
    - Scary and Smoky.
Delivery Man - PG-13
    - This movie delivered a pink lung.
Delta Farce - PG-13
    - Larry the Cable Guy kept his lungs healthy, but not his mouth thanks to the chew shown in this film. BH
Departed, The - R
    - Amazing that "the departed" in this movie didn't die from smoking! SS
Derailed - R
    - The SHOCK wasn't its ending, it was the surprising amount of tobacco used. DL
Descendants, The - R
    - The descendents of this family were unfortunately tobacco smokers. ZC
Descent, The - R
    - In The Descent the director lit up the set when Holly and Sam smoked creating a larger gap between the effort of reducing smoking by young people and making smoking look cool. PL
Desperado II: Once Upon a Time in Mexico - R
    - Once Upon a Time in Mexico… the people didn't live happily ever after because they smoked too much and had lung cancer. LB
Despicable Me - PG
    - Despicable Me is a great movie for everyone to see. It has comedy, a great storyline, and best of all: it's tobacco-free! AI
Despicable Me 2 - PG
    - Gru is is our tobacco-free hero. RA
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo - R
    - Deuce may have discovered the identity of the elusive Gigolo murderer, but the killer could've just as easily been tobacco. JT
Devil - PG-13
    - "The 'No Smoking Elevator' rule applies even in the thriller 'Devil'" EF
Devil Inside, The - R
    - Dont let tobacco interrupt your mentality. AP
Devil Wears Prada, The - PG-13
    - Andy Sachs picked up a new job and sense of fashion, but not a cigarette. KY
Devil's Due - R
    - This movie could have been a comedy or horror film, but most importantly it did not have any tobacco.
Devil's Rejects, The - R
    - Reality is that tobacco kills more people than the whole Firefly Household did itself. CL
Dhoom: 3 - not rated
    - Action-packed, tobacco-free Bollywood movie.
Diarios de Motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries) - R
    - Che Guevara may have had less severe asthma problems if the persons around him limited their tobacco use. CJ
Diary of a Mad Black Woman - PG-13
    - After Madea finishes teaching Helen about life, someone needs to teach her about the effects of tobacco use! AS
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - PG
    - When it comes to tobacco, these kids aren't wimpy- they (and the filmmakers) stay away from it. SM
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days - PG
    - It doesn't matter what you do, as long as it's not tobacco-related! QT
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star - PG-13
    - Dickie Roberts is a star when it comes to not using tobacco. SM (Although portrayed as a loser, the pregnant image of Dickie's mom prompted this message: Smoking By Pregnant Women May Result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight)
Dictator, The - R
    - The Dictator should know that smoking is Aladeen. RA
Did You Hear About the Morgans? - PG-13
    - Hugh Grant and SJP both take a stand against smoking but are shot down by a grandfather smoking around a child. J-AL
Die Another Day - PG-13
Dilemma, The - PG-13
    - "Having a Dilemma almost killed Ronny Valentine, but it never prompted him to use tobacco." ZC
Dinner for Schmucks - PG-13
    - Dinner for Schmucks made a stupid decision to include a mouse with pipe in the movie. RA
Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights - PG-13
    - The only thing dirtier than the dancing is the tobacco depiction. AN
Disaster Movie - PG-13
    - Filmmakers spoof the original Juno and Hellboy complete with tobacco depiction. SM
Disney's A Christmas Carol - PG
    - The almost undetected tobacco incidents weren't necessary to portray the characters in this classic story. SM
District 9 - R
    - Aliens know not to smoke. JK
Disturbia - PG-13
    - Kale's neighborhood certainly had plenty of things to watch out the window- thankfully no cigarettes were shown in this movie. JG
Divergent - PG-13
    - A pink lung thriller.
Django Unchained - R
    - Tobacco should be outlawed. RA
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story - PG-13
    - The tobacco use around a young person doesn't dodge the black lung award. KK-R
Dolphin Tale - PG
    - Winter's life is not the only life saved in this remarkable tale. RS
Domino - R
    - The smoking bounty hunters will soon become the hunted by Death if they continue smoking the way they do. MT
Don Jon - R
    - Don't smoke through your problems. RA
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - R
    - You don't have to be afraid of the dark, and you don't have to be afraid of seeing tobacco in this movie either. ZC
Doogal - G
    - It was wonderful for doogal to breathe fresh air, without thinking of 2nd hand smoke. DF
Doom - R
    - Fortunately, no one packed cigarettes for their trip to Mars! SG
Doomsday - R
    - Eden was always on the search for a smoke; instead of battling evil, she should have battled her cigarette addiction. DF/JS
Doubt - PG-13
    - One must 'doubt' the justification for tobacco use in this film. EC
Down With Love - PG-13
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax - PG
    - You can always win a girl over by staying tobacco-free. RA
Draft Day - PG-13
    - Football and pink lungs are a great combination.
Drag Me to Hell - PG-13
    - Drag me to Hell was full of smoke and mirrors, but none of that smoke was from tobacco use! JS
Dragon Wars: D-War - PG-13
    - The only ashes falling were the remains of the evil dragon. SM
Dragonball Evolution - PG
    - Dragonball evolves into a world without smoking. AM
Dragonfly - PG-13
Dream House - PG-13
    - My Dream House is a tobacco-free house. RA
Dreamcatcher - R
Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story - PG
    - Good thing there was no smoke around the racetrack. Only Sonador's tracks were left as she left the other horses in the dust.
Dreamgirls - PG-13
    - The Dreamgirls proved to us that dreams do indeed come true. What the lead singer doesn't realize is that smoking will one day end her dreams. MT
Dredd 3D - R
    - Smoking should be against the law. RA
Drillbit Taylor - PG-13
    - Drillbit Taylor is a corky comedy that is clean and free of tobacco except for one depiction by an Al Capone impersonator shown in an old movie. TV & AI
Drive - R
    - There are no clean getaways, but there should be tobacco-free ones! JL
Drive Angry 3D - R
    - Driving Angry...From Too Much Nicotine? JP
Drumline - PG-13
Duchess, The - PG-13
    - Commoner or Royal, no one should have been smoking around a pregnant Duchess. SM
Due Date - R
    - Like what Zach Galifianakis says, "Check yourself before you wreck yourself." LT
Dukes of Hazzard, The - PG-13
    - With so much tobacco use, it's apparent why they call it Hazzard County! DL
Duplex - PG-13
    - Although Duplex is a comical movie about a dreadful old lady, there is nothing funny about smoking! AM
Duplicity - PG-13
    - Duplicity was a thriller that managed to entertain the audience while steering clear from any tobacco messages. TV
Eagle Eye - PG-13
    - Thankfully, Jerry Shaw only had to save the nation and not people's lungs. MP
Eagle, The - PG-13
    - 140 AD was tobacco-free. At least that much is accurate! AT
Earth - G
    - Though displaying all aspects of Earth, the movie Earth did not show smoking as one of them. HK
Earth to Echo - PG
    - Echo is adorable and smoke-free.
Eastern Promises - R
    - Unnecessary tobacco was displayed throughout the movie mainly by star Viggo Mortensen. AS
Easy A - PG-13
    - "Throughout this look into a high school girl's life, we don't see any sign of tobacco" KA
Eat Pray Love - PG-13
    - Three steps to tobacco-free happiness, according to Liz Gilbert: (1) Eat (2) Pray (3) Love. KE
Edge of Darkness - R
    - Tobacco is their "edge of darkness". JK
Edge of Tomorrow - PG-13
    - I was on the edge of my seat reviewing this tobacco-free movie.
Eight Below - PG
    - In Eight Below, the four-legged "actors" stole the show and were supported by a tobacco-free cast of humans. JF
Eight Crazy Nights - PG-13
Eight Legged Freaks - PG-13
Elektra - PG-13
    - They say her looks can kill, at least smoking didn't. AW
Elf - PG
    - Nice to see the no smoking sign posted in a NYC jail, making it smoke-free for elves and others. Too bad they can't enforce it. KT
Elizabeth: The Golden Age - PG-13
    - This movie's golden glow dimmed when the regal Queen Elizabeth tried a tobacco-filled pipe. However due to historical accuracy this film receives a pink lung. CF
Elizabethtown - PG-13
    - The celebratory use of a cigar shifts this movie into the Dark Grey Lung Award category. CJ
Ella Enchanted - PG
    - Ella is enchanting because she doesn't smoke. SC
Elysium - R
    - Earth needs to be cured from all tobacco. RA
Emperor's Club, The - PG-13
Empire - R
Employee of the Month - PG-13
    - The employees never used tobacco in their attempts to impress. KH
Enchanted - PG
    - Enchanted was a great movie, it had no tobacco and I would recommend it to younger viewers. YK
End of the Spear - PG-13
    - This movie spanning years 1943 - 1994 portrayed many emotions without the use of tobacco. SM
End of Watch - R
    - It's against the law to smoke in uniform. RA
Ender's Game - PG-13
    - Ender's Game provides a great example on a future that ends tobacco.
Endless Love - PG-13
    - Love was in the air, not tobacco.
Enough - PG-13
Enough Said - PG-13
    - There was no smoking, Enough Said.
Envy - PG-13
    - Even with envy, nobody turned to smoking. RL
Epic - PG
    - What an Epic movie. RA
Epic Movie - PG-13
    - There were lots of disgusting things going on in this movie, smoking included. SS
Eragon - PG
    - One boy, one dragon, no smoking. SM
Escape from Planet Earth - PG
    - Escape from tobacco. RA
Escape Plan - R
    - I need to Escape from this Marlboro branded movie.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - R
    - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is not spotless in its tobacco content. KE
Eurotrip - R
    - A dark cloud hangs over Eurotrip. LN
Evan Almighty - PG
    - There are healthier ways to show a man is macho than referring to him as the "Marlboro Man", but since this movie contained no tobacco incidents, it earned a pink lung. KT
Evening - PG-13
    - The tobacco use in this film was obviously done to show historical accuracy, but vast other clues to the time period made the addition of cigarettes overkill. KV
Everybody's Fine - PG-13
    - In Everybody's Fine, the stance taken on tobacco is more than fine- it's excellent. CF
Everyone's Hero - G
    - A home run is hit with this movie, the writers supply a good message to all the viewers without the use of tobacco. KH
Evil Dead - R
    - A scary movie with tobacco depiction. RA
Exorcism of Emily Rose, The - PG-13
    - This movie was full of nerve racking and potentially fatal ideas but thankfully smoking wasn't one of them. TA
Exorcist: The Beginning - R
    - In "the beginning" of this film a few characters should learn from the stars and stay tobacco-free. LL
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - PG
    - The only tobacco incidents comes from old historic video footage including Edward R. Murrow smoking a cigarette. SM
Expendables 2, The - R
    - You cant come back if you smoked tobacco. AP
Expendables, The - R
    - You may believe that tobacco relieves stress, but it only becomes a substitute, not a stress reliever. AP
Express, The - PG
    - Only a few incidents of tobacco was found in The Express, a movie set in the smokey 50's and 60's. SM
Extract - R
    - Joel never resorts to tobacco use to ease the stressful situations he finds himself in. SM
Extraordinary Measures - PG
    - Tom Vaughn did his job in creating a PG film with a good heart and not threat of a black lung. KA
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - PG-13
    - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close strikes close to our hearts in the commemeration of the terrible 9/11 tradgedy. MS
Eye, The - PG-13
    - The eye should have 'watched' out for that one smoking incident that earned it a light grey lung award. RA
Fahrenheit 9/11 - R
    - A few real life tobacco users were shown in this movie; however, another Dragnet scene without tobacco depiction could have been used. SM
Failure to Launch - PG-13
    - Failure to Launch=Failure to promote lung disease. A success for the books!
Fair Game - PG-13
    - Fair Game was unfair by including tobacco in the film. RA
Fame - PG
    - "Fame" is a product of passion, perseverance, and performing, not puffing on tobacco. KE
Family Stone, The - PG-13
    - The family Stone may have been annoyed with Meredith, but at least they didn't have to deal with tobacco. CJ
Family that Preys, The - PG-13
    - This family truly preyed for the pink lung award. HC
Family, The - R
    - This Family is full of smokers. RA
Fantastic Four - PG-13
    - The film makers were true to their word about keeping the tobacco out of this film with one slight exception where a character is seen with what appears to be an object resembling a cigarette in his mouth. KK-R
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - PG
    - The Fantastic Four heroicly saves the Earth without lighting up a smoke. Unfortunately, the Human Torch lights up his Dolce tuxedo. AB
Fantastic Mr. Fox - PG
    - The rampant depiction of tobacco is definitely not fantastic. JK
Fast & Furious 6 - PG-13
    - A movie full of twists and turns but not tobacco. RA
Fast and Furious - PG-13
    - Fast and furious describes the lone incident of tobacco in this film. SM
Fast and the Furious, The: Tokyo Drift - PG-13
    - If, as the filmmakers put it "Speed needs no translation" then why does tobacco need to be included to interpret rebellious, edgy characters? Hint: It doesn't! SM
Fast Five - PG-13
    - Tobacco is not part of the mission. AP
Faster - R
    - A Star decided to light up during the chase. AJ
Fat Albert - PG
    - Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids "Hey, Hey, Hey-ed" their way to a tobacco-free and enjoyable movie. VW
Fault in Our Stars, The - PG-13
    - This movie gets a pink lung by special circumstance for depicting tobacco realistically and negatively.
FearDotCom - R
Fearless - PG-13
    - The smoke stirred up by the Westerners clouded Hou Yuanjia's path to victory. KY
Feel the Noise - PG-13
    - The noise was felt, the tobacco smelt.
Femme Fatale - R
Fever Pitch - PG-13
    - "Pitch" strikes out in the first inning due to tobacco use around a child. SM
Fifth Estate, The - R
    - Smoking in movies is unnecessary.
Fighter, The - R
    - The Fighter didn’t fight enough to prevent the use of tobacco in this movie. RA
Fighting - PG-13
    - Fortunately, none of the stars lit up, but there still was a bit of smoking in this movie none the less. SS
Fighting Temptations, The - PG-13
    - This movie would have been better if the director would have fought the temptation of putting tobacco in the movie. PL
Final Destination 3 - R
    - Some unfortunate high school seniors find out the hard way that their fated death cannot be escaped; Fortunately, none of them smoked which allowed them more time to live. MT
Final Destination 5 - R
    - Final Destination 5 was a tobacco-free roller coaster. RA
Final Destination, The - R
    - None of the teens in this movie make tobacco a destination. SM
Finding Nemo - G
Finding Nemo 3D - G
    - Fish are just like people, only tobacco-free. QT
Finding Neverland - PG
    - Neverland is supposed to be a place where children stay young forever. How does smoking around them accomplish that. KK-R
Fired Up - PG-13
    - Fortunately, the use of tobacco is NOT Fired Up. SR
Firehouse Dog - PG
    - The Firehouse Dog did his job well; he helped put out all the fires from the cigarette carton bombs. LL
Fireproof - PG
    - Fireproof showed great proof of no smoking in the movie, earning it a pink lung. RA
Firewall - PG-13
    - Even the rebellious bad guys stayed away from using tobacco as a prop. SM
First Daughter - PG
    - First Daughter wins the election as being one of our smoke-free movies this year. KL
First Sunday - PG-13
    - Except for one very minor cigarette incident this movie was clean from tobacco use. SM
Five-Year Engagement, The - R
    - Tobacco is not worth the wait. AP
Flags of Our Fathers - R
    - Although this was a historical movie, the over abundance of tobacco incidents earned it a black lung. CM
Flicka - PG
    - She trained a wild mustang yet never smoked on the way. AJ
Flight - R
    - A huge THUMBS DOWN goes to the movie Flight for portraying a cancer patient smoking cigarettes in a hospital. RA
Flight of the Phoenix - PG-13
    - People in fear of their lives should note that it is never a good idea to smoke in an oil field under a large no smoking sign. CJ
Flightplan - PG-13
    - No smoking aboard this airplane thriller. LD
Flushed Away - PG
    - A pipe smoking cockroach casts a shadow over what should have been a pink lung family movie. SM
Flyboys - PG-13
    - The Lafayette Escadrille squadron members portrayed by James Franco, et al, didn’t light up although historical photos reveal that a few of the real members did showing that tobacco use is not necessary to tell a story. SM
Fog, The - PG-13
    - Other than "The Fog", there wasn't a trace of smoke in this film. SL
Fool's Gold - PG-13
    - The filmmakers really missed the boat on this one. After a strong, prominent anti-tobacco message, to show a cigar in a celebratory scene is unfathomable. KT
Footloose - PG-13
    - Instead of dancing, tobacco should be outlawed. RA
For Colored Girls - R
    - Don’t be afraid to take a step towards avoiding tobacco. AP
For Greater Glory - R
    - A great use of tobacco in Greater Glory. AI
Forbidden Kingdom, The - PG-13
    - The reviews are in and the number one movie this week is completely tobacco free!
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - R
    - Forgetting Sarah Marshall did a good job to forget all about smoking in the movie, earning a clean pink lung. RA
Forgotten, The - PG-13
    - "The Forgotten" little boy was found, but tobacco use was not. LL
Fountain, The - PG-13
    - The Fountain is a unique movie involving themes of love, death and harmony with the earth, but tobacco is not an issue. AF
Four Brothers - R
    - The brothers have been through many tough times together but hopefully will never have to experience a tragic, preventable loss due to a harmful smoking stick. MT
Four Christmases - PG-13
    - His father, her mother, her father, and a couple of cigars (around children), all contribute to one hectic day. JL
Four Feathers, The - PG-13
Fourth Kind, The - PG-13
    - Alien abduction is the only danger in The Fourth Kind. TA
Fracture - R
    - If you look close enough, you'll find everyone has a weak spot…and the weak spot for the producers of Fracture was adding a small background smoking incident! JG
Frailty - R
Frankenweenie - PG
    - Characters focus on their pets, not tobacco. GJ
Freaky Friday - PG
    - This movie proves rock'n, rebellious, cool teens can be portrayed without the use of cigarettes. SM
Fred Claus - PG
    - A perfect family film, this movie showed absolutely no references to any type of tobacco. AS
Freddy vs Jason - R
    - If being chased by bad guys isn't enough, these teenagers endanger their lives even more by lighting up and/or exposing themselves to secondhand smoke. AM
Free Birds - PG
    - Lets free our films from tobacco
Free Birds - PG
    - Lets free our films from tobacco
Freedom Writers - PG-13
    - All kinds personalities and emotions portrayed without the use of tobacco- hey, actors really can act, no cigarette prop necessary! SM
Freedomland - R
    - Freedom of smoke was nice to see for once although the blantant and specific brand depiction at the end gives this movie an auto black lung. SF
Frida - R
Friday After Next - R
Friday Night Lights - PG-13
    - Football and smoking shouldn't go together. RL
Friday the 13th - R
    - There was one big killer in this movie and it was not tobacco. TA
Friends with Benefits - R
    - Dylan and Jamie enjoyed both the friends and benefits parts of their relationship smokefree. HK
Friends with Money - R
    - Even friends with money can't evade the temptation of tobacco. LD
Fright Night - R
    - Only morons smoke in scary movies, or at least in Fright Night. AT
From Paris with Love - R
    - Paris loves its lungs. TA
Frozen - PG
    - Tobacco-free Disney movie.
Fruitvale Station - R
    - Smoking on a train is not cool. RA
Fun Size - PG-13
    - Tobacco is definitely not fun. RA
Fun With Dick and Jane - PG-13
    - The cigar usage used by the powerful men in this movie makes "Fun with Dick and Jane" less than fun for the whole family. LD
Funny People - R
    - Although no one smokes in this film tobacco shows up on a few posters of famous people. SM
Furry Vengeance - PG
    - Furry Vengeance is meant to be a movie about cute animals harassing a man invading their habitat, but what isn't cute is the cigar seen in the first few minutes of the film. AI
G-Force - PG
    - Every secret mission was smoke-free. AJ
G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra - PG-13
    - The Joes had their work cut out for them, chasing the Baroness around the world, but they never decided to relax by lighting up. MP
G.I. Joe: Retaliation - PG-13
    - There's no time to smoke when you are a G.I. Joe. EN
Game Plan, The - PG
    - The Game Plan definitely had the right plan in mind when they decided not to have any tobacco usage in the film. SP
Gamer - R
    - Smoking is just a game for some. JK
Gangs of New York - R
Gangster Squad - R
    - Mickey Cohen might have been defeated, but it's going to take more than a group of police officers to defeat tobacco. NL
Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties - PG
    - Garfield and friends held up to expectation and didn't smoke once. Even the evil, snobby British protagonist, who could not seem to prevail against Garfield, did not smoke. RB
Garfield: The Movie - PG
    - The fat loveable cat, Garfield, stays cool by being tobacco free. MT
Georgia Rule - R
    - Georgia Rule combatted the smoking mother, Felicity Huffman, with anti-smoking messages from both her daughter and mother. CM
Get Him to the Greek - R
    - Jonah Hill didn't waste any time with tobacco use taking Russel Brand to the Greek. AM
Get Rich or Die Tryin' - R
    - The characters may get rich in "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" but they also may die tryin' to use tobacco. BP
Get Smart - PG-13
    - Get Smart was almost genius as there were sightings of tobacco. CF
Getaway - PG-13
    - Getaway to a tobacco-free world. RA
Ghost Rider - PG-13
    - The Ghost Rider got rid of the evil souls and tobacco usage around him but the filmmakers’ decision to include specific brand depiction scorches the black lung icon onto this movie. LL
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - PG-13
    - Ghost Rider is on fire but we could’ve done without cigars. AT
Ghost Ship - R
Ghost Town - PG-13
    - The ghosts in this movie didn't die from tobacco. HH
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - PG-13
    - Eventually Conner Mead (McConaughey) finds his true love thanks to some smart alec ghosts and no cigarettes. MP
Gigli - R
    - Although these gangsters put their lives in danger throughout the movie, they are smart enough to stay away from tobacco! AM
Girl Next Door, The - R
    - This film was made to lure in teenagers…what they saw was tobacco being used to show how to be "cool". LL
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The - R
    - Smoke fills every turn of this convoluted murder mystery case. ZC
Glory Road - PG
    - The Texas Western Miners played there way up to the National Championship and won without the influence of tabacco. KY
Gnomeo & Juliet - G
    - Gnomeo & Juliet another love story that melted your heart, not your lungs. RA
God and Generals - PG-13
God's Not Dead - PG
    - There should be no tobacco in PG movies
Godsend - PG-13
    - Finally, a movie sans tobacco…a true "godsend". AM
Godzilla - PG-13
    - Godzilla has a pink lung!
Going The Distance - R
    - A long distance relationship is can work without tobacco. RA
Golden Compass, The - PG-13
    - This journey includes many types of beings but none need to resort to lighting up to portray their character.
Gone - PG-13
    - Gone recieved a pink lung for having zero incidents, and an anti-tobacco message. LF
Gone Baby Gone - R
    - Gone Baby Gone was Ben Affleck's directorial debut which also depicted tobacco usage. Let's hope that in his future movies he will not include it. LL
Good Boy! - PG
    - Good Boy deserves a treat for being smoke-free. SM
Good Deeds - PG-13
    - Wesley may be doing Good Deeds, but his peers aren't helping anybody by using tobacco. ZC
Good Girl, The - R
Good Luck Chuck - R
    - Good Luck Chuck was able to break his curse and find his dream girl in the best possible environment--a smoke-free one. CP
Good Night, and Good Luck - PG
    - While this movie is certainly smoke-filled, it accurately portrays Edward R . Murrow, his show and the era -- and clearly illustrates his chain smoking habits, resulting in his death from lung cancer in 1965, two days after his 57th birthday. KT
Good Shepherd, The - R
    - "Edward Wilson believed in America, and he would sacrifice everything he loved to protect it - maybe he should speak up about tobacco use to protect his fellow Americans." KL
Good Year, A - PG-13
    - The scenery was beautiful in France, but we could have done without the smoking, especially the depiction by young Max. AS
Goods, The: Live Hard, Sell Hard - R
    - If smoking promotes patriotism and freedom, then what is to secure our legal and health rights as citizens? AP
Gosford Park - R
Gospel, The - PG
    - Sadly, The Gospel is not wholly without tobacco use as we see depictions of use in a California bar. Reminder: smoking is not legal within a California workplace or bar. SK, KT, and SM
Gothika - R
    - A scene in this movie gives a brief lesson on preparing a cigar to be used and should have been followed by the Surgeon General's warning. SM
Gracie - PG-13
    - She should have stayed away from smoking to keep her lungs healthy for soccer. AJ
Gran Torino - R
    - Clint Eastwood portrayed the tough guy that could do it all without any help but apparently he could NOT do it without tobacco. TA
Gravity - PG-13
    - There's no smoking in zero gravity.
Great Gatsby, The - PG-13
    - The gun was smoking in the end, much like Gatsby smoked in the beginning. MS
Great Raid, The - R
    - Although the soldiers in The Great Raid lit up the night with gunfire and some pro tobacco messages, in this case the tobacco use was shown for historical accuracy and the film received a neutral perceived message. MT & CJ
Greatest Game Ever Played, The - PG
    - The Greatest Game Ever Played would have been greater if some of the players didn't depend on tobacco to help them throughout the game. KK-R
Green Hornet, The - PG-13
    - "Super powers don't come from cigars." AI
Green Lantern - PG-13
    - In brightest day, in blackest night, there was no tobacco seen in sight! LT
Green Zone - R
    - This movie should be put into a non-smoking zone. JK
Grey, The - R
    - You can avoid The Grey. Don't smoke tobacco. AP
Gridiron Gang - PG-13
    - Gridiron Gang was full of good messages about redemption. Too bad they slipped up in one scene by allowing a thug to hold an unlit cigarette. KT
Grindhouse - R
    - The amount of tobacco use in this movie was grinding - especially the brand depiction which earned it a black lung. CM
Grown Ups - PG-13
    - These "Grown Ups" sure are great role models to the kids staying tobacco free! TA
Grown Ups 2 - PG-13
    - Grow up and put the tobacco down. RA
Grudge 2, The - PG-13
    - The effects of tobacco are more dangerous than Kayako's grudge. AC
Grudge Match - PG-13
    - The Grudge Match was a tobacco-free match.
Grudge, The - PG-13
    - This movie gives the audience a reason to hold a small grudge against it for its tobacco smoking. SK
Guardian, The - PG-13
    - The Coast Guards went through many hard battles and decided to stay on the healthy side by not smoking. AJ
Guess Who - PG-13
    - Guess What! What? No tobacco! Oh...that's no chicken butt. SK
Guilt Trip, The - PG-13
    - A rather charming, and hilarious, mother /son road trip is portrayed with no use of tobacco in this movie! AC
Gulliver's Travels - PG
    - Gulliver traveled tobacco free! RA
Guy Thing, A - PG-13
Hairspray - PG
    - Hairspray was full of positive messages for youth – unfortunately it was also full of positive messages on tobacco! KT
Half Past Dead - PG-13
Hall Pass - R
    - There’s no hall pass for tobacco, it always gets detention. AI
Halloween - R
    - If Michael wouldn’t have got to the characters who smoked then the chemicals in the tobacco they used would have. SM
Halloween II - R
    - Only this fate awaits the smokers- Death. DN
Hancock - PG-13
    - Even though he has other issues, Hancock says no to tobacco. AM
Hangover Part II, The - R
    - What is also worst than having a hangover is using tobacco. The wolf pack had done it again. LT
Hangover Part III, The - R
    - There was so much smoking, that I feel hungover. RA
Hangover, The - R
    - Running throughout the streets of Las Vegas, getting into trouble, tobacco makes a one shot appearance. NS
Hanna - PG-13
    - Bad guys don’t need to smoke in order to be bad; we need to break that stereotype. AT
Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour - G
    - Hannah rocks the box office and the house with no images of tobacco. The best of both worlds! SM
Hannah Montana: The Movie - G
    - When you take the both of best worlds you eventually have to pick one; Miley stresses over which life to choose, but smoking never takes part in her decision. ZC
Hannibal Rising - R
    - In Hannibal Rising the cannibals lived through the storm then smoked for the rest of their lives. PL
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - R
    - Hunt Witches. Get Money. Get Rid of Tobacco. RA
Happening, The - R
    - Tobacco wasn't 'happening' in this movie. SM
Happily N'Ever After - PG
    - In this world of altered fairytales, the characters remain smoke-free. KY
Happy Feet - PG
    - The filmmakers chose to show many of humanity's flaws, such as pollution and destroying ecosystems, but kept tobacco out of this film. KV
Happy Feet Two - PG
    - I'm happy too because this movie was tobacco free. RA
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay - R
    - Too bad the pink lung escaped from this movie. SM
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle - R
    - Although brands are depicted in a convenience store, tobacco was a no show. SM
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - PG-13
    - The End of the Harry Potter Regime begins, but tobacco was kept off the screen. ZC
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - PG-13
    - Deathly Hallows was deathly, but not by tobacco. AI
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - PG-13
    - In this latest installment, Harry stays smoke-free and goes face to face with evil but at least it's not against the greatest evil of all, the Tobacco Industry. LS and KT
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - PG
    - Although Dumbledore asks so much of Harry, smoking is never asked of the cast. ZC
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - PG-13
    - These young wizards won't need to learn any spells to prevent lung cancer because they live tobacco free. KH
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - PG
    - Harry stays smoke-free. SS
Hart's War - R
Haunted Mansion, The - PG
    - Eddie Murphy's character seen sniffing a cigar was one frightening moment in this PG rated film; in fact it scared away the pink lung award. SM
Haunting in Connecticut, The - PG-13
    - Horror Movie stays smoke-free. SR
Haunting of Molly Hartley, The - PG-13
    - Just a flick of a cigarette in this movie. SM
Haywire - R
    - Your life may be on the line, but lighting up is not the answer. ZC
He's Just Not That Into You - PG-13
    - The filmmakers clearly tried to give an anti-smoking message but ended up giving a free advertisement for two tobacco companies through blatant brand depiction. SM
Head of State - PG-13
Heartbreak Kid, The - R
    - Hearts were broken when Ben's dad, Jerry, smoked a cigar while playing in Vegas. SM
Heat, The - R
    - My eyes were burning from all the tobacco. RA
Heaven Is for Real - PG
    - This is movie is tobacco-free, for real.
Hellboy - PG-13
    - The combined light of the cigars in Hellboy was brighter than Hellboy's skin. PL
Hellboy II: The Golden Army - PG-13
    - Hellboy could've fought off the Golden Army just as well without chomping on a cigar in the process. EC
Help, The - PG-13
    - Help yourself and avoid tobacco altogether. AP
Herbie: Fully Loaded - G
    - The only smoking was done by Herbie on the racing track against other cars. RL
Here Comes the Boom - PG
    - Boom the tobacco is gone. RA
Hereafter - PG-13
    - If Matt Damon could see dead people, he needed to tell the teenage boys that were smoking just how many of those had died from smoking. MP
Hero (Ying xiong) - PG-13
    - Swords and arrows were the only harmful things in this movie. RL
Hey Arnold - PG
Hidalgo - PG-13
    - Unfortunately hunky Vitto Mortensen brought back images of the Marlboro Man. SM
Hide and Seek - R
    - Hide and Seek is a haunting tobacco-free thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. SW
High Crimes - PG-13
High School Musical 3: Senior Year - G
    - HSM cast got there heads in the game without the smoking. AJ
High Tension - R
    - Marie should have been running from her true predator, her addiction to tobacco. CJ
Hills Have Eyes II, The - R
    - This movie earns a pink lung for keeping the tobacco out! - I expected the soldiers to light up at any time. MT
Hills Have Eyes, The - R
    - The eyes in the hills spied a cigar being smoked around a gas pump and a cigarette being smoked in an enclosed space near a non-smoking sibling. CJ
History of Violence, A - R
    - If it hadn't been violence as the cause of death, tobacco use would have done it. SF
Hit and Run - R
    - Hit, Smoke, Run. RA
Hitch - PG-13
    - A tobacco-free movie you can "Hitch" on to. FH
Hitcher, The - R
    - The psycho hitch hicker in this film proved more dangerous than any tobacco! SS
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The - PG
    - These hitchhikers are goin' places for their smokeless performances but the pink lung award is narrowly missed due to an extra in the film found smoking. KH
Hitman - R
    - The Hitman(men) were really the cigarettes. LL
Holes - PG
Holiday, The - PG-13
    - Jude Law said it all with: "Smoking is really bad for you." I only wish Iris' co-worker in the movie could follow these wonderful words of advice. CS
Hollywood Homicide - PG-13
Hollywoodland - R
    - Cigarettes lit up Hollywoodland! Although this film is about the real life murder/suicide mystery of actor George Reeves the tobacco use by fictional characters including a star, Adrien Brody, smoking around a child gave this movie a black lung. LL & CM
Home on the Range - PG
    - Chew spewing cowboys in one quick scene makes this movie not completely tobacco-free. SM
Homefront - R
    - Homefront should be renamed to smokefront.
Honey - PG-13
    - Honey stays sweet from a tobacco-free life. MT
Honeymooners, The - PG-13
    - The Honeymooners was no honeymoon due to Cedric the Entertainer's unnecessary use of cigars. KK-R
Hoodwinked - PG
    - The only cause of bad breathe and yellow teeth was being a wolf impersonating a granny! SF
Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil - PG
    - At least no one was Hoodwinked into smoking! JAL
Hoot - PG
    - Another environment was being protected in this movie as we saw “No Smoking” signs posted at a work site. KL
Hop - PG
    - Hopping down the bunny trail without cigarettes is the way to go!-JL
Hope Springs - PG-13
    - Don’t let cigarettes ruin your marriage. QT
Horrible Bosses - R
    - Do not be a horrible boss. Do not smoke tobacco. AP
Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For - R
    - SPECIAL NOTE: This week's tenth spot was based on the cumulative amount made from 8 different films and packaged as Horrorfest. For this reason TUTD will not include these movies in its official database.
Horton Hears a Who - G
    - In Horton Hears a Who, there is no tobacco use, making this funny, animated movie all the better by getting rid of the smoking. SS
Host, The - PG-13
    - Choose to believe. Choose to fight. Choose to love. Choose to listen. But Choose not to smoke! QT
Hostage - R
    - There are better ways to show a rebellious character other than the oft used cigarette prop. SM
Hostel - R
    - Unfortunately, this hostel was not a smoke-free environment. SG
Hostel: Part II - R
    - Hostel: Part II is made even more "Hostile" with all the smoking it contains. BH
Hot Chick, The - PG-13
Hot Fuzz - R
    - The fuzz doesn't look so "hot" with cigarettes in their mouths. BH
Hot Rod - PG-13
    - Since this movie is about teens trying to be cool daredevils the use of smoking is very tempting but luckily Hot Rod stayed away from the temptation except for one quick scene. RB
Hot Tub Time Machine - R
    - This Hot Tub Time Machine takes us back to a time of all sorts of tobacco use. AM
Hotel for Dogs - PG
    - We love smoke-free hotels! SM
Hotel Transylvania - PG
    - Check in to Hotel Transylvania and you will have a tobacco-free stay. RC
Hours, The - PG-13
House at the End of the Street - PG-13
    - Scary and smoke-free. RA
House Bunny, The - PG-13
    - Despite the many party scenes tobacco does not make an appearance. KM
House of the Dead, The - R
    - If the zombies wouldn't have killed the captain, the cigars would have. SM
House of Wax - R
    - The killer may cover his victims in wax but the tobacco use will kill them first! AS
Housefull 2 - not rated
    - Full of comedy and fun, not tobacco. RA
How Do You Know - PG-13
    - We do know that this movie was tobacco free! RA
How to Deal - PG-13
    - Our main star, Halley only knows "how to deal" with stress the wrong way; by lighting up a cigarette. KP
How to Train Your Dragon - PG
    - There's no place for tobacco in the world where dragons exist. DN
How to Train Your Dragon 2 - PG
    - How to Train Your Dragon 2 also remained tobacco-free in its sequel.
Hugo - PG
    - Keep your own clock ticking and don’t follow this movie's examples on tobacco use. ED
Hulk, The - PG-13
    - This green masterpiece stayed smoke-free. SL
Hunger Games, The - PG-13
    - The tributes in The Hunger Games were thankfully not hungry for tobacco. JL
Hunted, The - R
Hustle and Flow - R
    - Terrance Howard was always talking about how everyone had dreams, but he needs to stop smoking if he wants to live out his dreams to be a star. KL
I Am Legend - PG-13
    - Will Smith continues to be immune to the temptation of using tobacco to portray any type of message; a testament to his acting ability and social responsibility.
I Am Number Four - PG-13
    - Number four had swift moves and clean lungs! AI
I Am Sam - PG-13
I Can Do Bad All By Myself - PG-13
    - There are times when adults should listen to children because sometimes they know better the effects of tobacco. SV
I Don’t Know How She Does It - PG-13
    - While trying to balance jobs and families, there was no time for tobacco.RC
I Heart Huckabees - R
    - I heart tobacco-free movies! SM
I Know Who Killed Me - R
    - I know what killed Lindsay Lohan- all that tobacco usage. BP
I Love You, Beth Cooper - PG-13
    - You'll love the amount of tobacc in I Love You, Beth Cooper: none! CF
I Love You, Man - R
    - I love you too, man but maybe cut back on the tobacco? TA
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - PG-13
    - No one would want to marry Chuck (Adam Sandler), not even Larry, knowing he's addicted to tobacco. BP
I Spy - PG-13
I Think I Love My Wife - R
    - I think I hate all the tobacco in this movie. LH
I, Frankentein - PG-13
    - Frankenstein may not have a heart but he does have a pink lung.
I, Robot - PG-13
    - In the movie "I, Robot" neither robots nor humans smoked, virtually. VW
Ice Age II: The Meltdown - PG
    - The makers of Ice Age II: The Meltdown were right in their decision to not include smoking in this film. Not only is it set in prehistoric times where smoking did not exist, this movie is also targeted towards small children. KKR
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - PG
    - Dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, a saber-tooth tiger, a lazy sloth, and a whole lot of ice make a great movie . What makes it even greater ? It's tobacco-free! J-AL
Ice Age: Continental Drift - PG
    - Ice Age: Continental Drift shows us an age free from tobacco. RC
Ice Harvest, The - R
    - Money motivates people to do inhumane acts to become rich. The next time you decide to pick up a pack of cigarettes from your local gas station, think of the tobacco companies who are only out for your money and could care less about your health. MT
Ice Princess - G
    - This movie is definitely a chick-flick especially for all of the girls who dream of becoming a professional athlete such as an ice-skater and do it tobacco-free. SB
Identity - R
Identity Thief - R
    - Pleasantly surprised that this movie was tobacco free! DM
Ides of March, The - R
    - Politics may be a very stressful career, but tobacco is not the way out of a deceitful world. ZC
Idlewild - R
    - Idlewild may have been set in 1935, but that's no excuse for a director in 2006 to put tobacco products in almost every scene! LH
Igor - PG
    - The evil 'tobacco' bone- you just have to make the right choice and not activate it. EC
Illusionist, The - PG-13
    - Everything in this movie is an illusion, but lung cancer is no illusion. The filmmakers used tobacco to show power, but I doubt audiences would have noticed if there was not a deadly prop in hand. KV
Imagine That - PG
    - A heartlifting family film with no smoking! KE
Immortals - R
    - A smokeless film, equals immortal protagonists. ZC
In Good Company - PG-13
    - An extra smoking and the mention of smoking is too much and keeps the pink lung from being In Good Company. AM
In Her Shoes - PG-13
    - We get some mixed messages on tobacco use but the perfect bond between moviegoers and "In Her Shoes" is the unnecessary pack of what looked like a well known brand of cigarettes one pulls out when things get difficult. AF
In the Land of Women - R
    - The "Land of Women" isn't exactly a tobacco free land, as we see some of our favorite stars lighting up on the screen. BP
In the Mix - PG-13
    - "In the Mix" sent out a mixture of pro-tobacco messages-wealth/power, bad guy, relaxation, and fun. LL
In Time - PG-13
    - In the movie, In Time, there was no time for tobacco use. BP
In-Laws, the - PG-13
Inception - PG-13
    - No mind invasion here; thankfully this movie robs audiences of any tobacco messages. SM
Inconvenient Truth, An - PG
    - Smoking, it destroys more then our bodies, it destroys the earth. DF
Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The - PG-13
    - Let's use magic to keep tobacco off the big screens. RA
Incredible Hulk, The - PG-13
    - The Incredible Hulk seemed to become less incredible from the first movie to the second, as they had smoking in the second one for no good reason. RB
Incredibles, The - PG
    - It’s unfortunate that Edna “E.” Mode relied on a cigarette stick to help convey her sophistication, despite this ambiguous prop, is this the message we want to send our kids? JF
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - PG-13
    - Indiana Jones' great adventure did not stray away from tobacco. JK
Informant, The! - R
    - There is only conviction for Mark Whitacre in the movie, not tobacco. DN
Inglourious Basterds - R
    - The Inglorious Basterds were plotting to kill Hitler, but obviously not tobacco- just about every scene showed someone lighting up. TA
Inkheart - PG
    - These pages were tobacco free!
Inside Man - R
    - The director of the Inside Man could've kept the tobacco outside of the movie. PL
Insidious - PG-13
    - Though Dalton Lambert is transported between our world and "The Future," tobacco is not found here nor there. Not even the devil smokes tobacco. ZC
Insidious: Chapter 2 - PG-13
    - Tobacco-free scary movie. RA
Insomnia - R
Instructions Not Included - PG-13
    - Somebody forgot to include in the instructions that you should never smoke around a child. RA
International, The - R
    - Internationally, smoking was not included, too bad Berlin didn't get the memo and depicted brand. AD
Internship, The - PG-13
    - Internships can be fun when tobacco is not present. RA
Interpreter, The - PG-13
    - Agent Keller's (Sean Penn) comment to his fellow agent "Those things will kill ya" should be universally interpreted. SM
Into the Blue - PG-13
    - After a day of diving into the Caribbean, Bryce decided to take a few unnecessary puffs from a specifically brand-named cigar. PL
Intolerable Cruelty - PG-13
    - This movie was pretty tolerable except for one minor act of cruelty when a divorce lawyer smoked a cigarette around his colleagues at a convention. KP
Invasion, The - R
    - This world is invaded by body snatchers -- not tobacco products. LH
Invention of Lying, The - PG-13
    - This movie bought the lie and used tobacco to portray wealth and power. SM
Invictus - PG-13
    - South Africa needed a leader; Nelson Mandela gave them a champion, who set an example by remaining tobacco free. ZC
Invincible - PG-13
    - Dreams are not lived on the sidelines, they are lived in the center of a healthy lung! Vince Papale would have never been a great football star had he smoked! JG
Invisible, The - PG-13
    - They should have made the smoking invisible, especially when it was done around a young child. AJ
Iron Lady, The - R
    - Never compromise, even in the case of tobacco. JL
Iron Man - PG-13
    - Because of their smoking, the bad guys in this movie will need more than an iron suit to save them. SM
Iron Man 2 - PG-13
    - It seemed the filmmakers made a conscious effort to keep tobacco out of the film, all but the writers who included the mentioning of two cigar brands. Pink + Black= Dark Grey. TUTD
Iron Man 3 - PG-13
    - Tobacco in the background is visible to everyone. RA
Island, The - PG-13
    - I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of tobacco in The Island; however, after re-reviewing on DVD, a TUTD reviewer caught a photo of Tom Lincoln (Ewan McGregor) with a cigar. SM
It Runs In the Family - PG-13
It's Complicated - R
    - It's complicated, but Jake and Jane don't resort to tobacco to solve their issues. KY
Italian Job, The - PG-13
J. Edgar - R
    - J.Edgar’s files may remain a mystery, but his smoking was clear.
Jab Tak Hai Jaan - not rated
    - When movie budgets are large, the amount of smoking doesn’t have to be. AL
Jack and Jill - PG
    - Jack and Jill a fun, tobacco- free comedy. RA
Jack Reacher - PG-13
    - Jack Reacher is too cool to reach for a pack of cigarettes. AL
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - PG-13
    - Jack Ryan is a tobacco-free bad ass.
Jack the Giant Slayer - PG-13
    - In an outrageous adaptation of children’s story Jack and the beanstalk, Jack the Giant Slayer scored an outstanding score of 0 with no incidents of any kind. MS
Jackass - PG-13
Jackass 3D - R
    - "Eventhough there's no smoking, Wee-Man still found it necessary to use a corn cob pipe prop" AI
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa - R
    - Bad Grandpa was a bad branded movie.
Jackass: Number Two - R
    - We all know these guys are dumb, but what made them true "jackasses" was when they let a child smoke. JG
Jacket, The - R
    - This powerful movie could have been made more wonderful without the smoky cloud hanging over its characters and the prominent brand depiction was free advertisement for a specific tobacco company. SS
Jarhead - R
    - There was smoking all over the place-missiles, burning oil wells, and lots of tobacco. JT
Jason X - R
Jeepers Creepers 2 - R
    - Jeeper's Creepers would've been better if the tobacco "crept" away from the minors. PL
Jennifer's Body - R
    - Jennifer's Body would have been better off without the tobacco. AM
Jersey Boys - R
    - Jersey Boys should be renamed to Smoking Boys.
Jersey Girl - PG-13
    - Though Ben's and Liv's characters make tobacco use look like a normal behavior for New Jersey residents, this state has one of the lowest smoking prevalence rates in the US. SM
Jobs - PG-13
    - I'm disappointed to see smoking in this movie. RA
John Carter - PG-13
    - No smoking reported by NASA on planet Mars, the aliens had enough problems with their planet already. AS
John Tucker Must Die - PG-13
    - John Tucker was not smart to lie and cheat in his relationships but was smart to not pick up a cigarette. MT
Johnny English - PG
    - It's becoming cliché, bad guys with cigars. Hollywood, please come up with a new prop. SM
Johnny English Reborn - PG
    - The super spies in this movie not only saved the day but also refrained from using any tobacco. RC
Johnson Family Vacation - PG-13
    - Watching Johnson Family Vacation was like taking a vacation from smoking in movies. RL
Jonah Hex - PG-13
    - One scene shows the use of a pipe and its smoke to heal. Since this was a Native American ceremonial-type scene TUTD reviewers determined that the substance in the pipe was not clearly tobacco.
Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience - G
    - These brothers may be “Burning Up,” but they certainly aren’t lighting up! KE
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island - PG
    - Discover the incredible tobacco-free journey. KT
Journey to the Center of the Earth - PG
    - Plenty of life altering narrow escapes but none because of tobacco use. SM
Joyful Noise - PG-13
    - Sing a whole lot louder by not smoking. KT
Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer - PG
    - Thanks Judy Moody for having a supermegatotally thrilladelic tobaccofree summer! JAL
Julie & Julia - PG-13
    - Julia (Streep) and the cast from the early year scenes filled the air with tobacco smoke depicting fun, celebration, power and wealth. SM
Jumper - PG-13
    - These jumpers know how to jump away from tobacco use. AM
Jumping the Broom - PG-13
    - You do not need to smoke tobacco to get married.AP
Jungle Book 2 - G
Juno - PG-13
    - Juno is a clear example of Hollywood using a pipe as a prop to display a quirky unique personality for a young girl. Many other acting techniques could have been applied without placing a pipe in a young pregnant girl's hand. CM
Jurassic Park - PG-13
    - Smoking in 3D? Gross.. RA
Just Friends - PG-13
    - Just friends is a romantic comedy that that stayed tobacco free, through many challenges Chris and Jamie work out there personal problems with a happy ending, and no smoking. TA
Just Go With It - PG-13
    - Just go with the idea that smoking is not cool. RA
Just Like Heaven - PG-13
    - No one in this movie will go to heaven prematurely because each and every one of them stay smoke free. KH
Just Married - PG-13
Just My Luck - PG-13
    - In "Just my Luck," Lindsay Lohan luckily steers away from tobacco use. RS
Just Wright - PG
    - Just Wright describes how we feel about tobacco-free movies. TUTD
Justin Beiber: Never Say Never - G
    - Bieber Fever. AI
Juwanna Mann - PG-13
K-19: The Widowmaker - PG-13
Kangaroo Jack - PG
Karate Kid, The - PG
    - Jackie Chan taught his karate student that you don't need to smoke to be great at martial arts. HK
Kate & Leopold - PG-13
Katy Perry: Part of Me - PG
    - Success can sure come with a free-tobacco lifestyle. QT
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain - R
    - Even though this was a documentary, we saw the tobacco. RA
Kick-Ass - R
    - Kick-Ass needed to kick out the tobacco. RA
Kick-Ass 2 - R
    - Kick the bad habit, again. RA
Kicking and Screaming - PG-13
    - Some anti-messages in this movie but we were kicking and screaming when Ditka (who may be a real life smoker) lit up around a child.
Kids Are All Right, The - R
    - The kids are not all right because they have a parent who decided to smoke a cigarette. RA
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 - R
    - "Kill Bill" should kill the tobacco usage. LH
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 - R
    - Kill Bill 2 was a violent movie but it overlooked how harmful tobacco is to the human body, and portrayed the characters who smoked as having great physical shape, which is misleading to the viewer. KK-R
Killer Elite - R
    - Killer Elite is action packed and packed with tobacco. JL
Killers - PG-13
    - It's a pink lung for the Killers. SM
Killing Them Softly - R
    - Killing Them Softly with tobacco. RA
King Arthur - PG-13
    - King Arthur triumphs over the evils of tobacco. SK
King Kong - PG-13
    - Great film, but I guess it didn't occur to them to remake the tobacco content as well. JT
King's Ransom - PG-13
    - In the comedy, King's Ransom, there was nothing funny about the habitual smoking scenes depicting wealth, glamour and fun. VW
King's Speech, The - R
    - I am speechless by the amount of tobacco in The King’s Speech. AI
Kingdom of Heaven - R
    - A tobacco free historical flick that is both moving and inspirational. SW
Kingdom, The - R
    - Not only are there child soldiers, "The Kingdom" has adults influencing them to be your smokers as well. LL
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl - G
    - Young, ambitious Kit Kittredge runs to into strange people like hobos, magicians, and a mobile librarian, but thankfully not a smoker. KY
Kites - not rated
    - In this great Romeo & Juliet remake , tobacco incidents were minimal. J-AL
Knight and Day - PG-13
    - Throughout the Knight & Day, there were no tobacco incidents! J-AL
Knockaround Guys - R
Knocked Up - R
    - The lung rating got "knocked up" by the one cigarette incident in this film. AB
Knowing - PG-13
    - Knowing is everything, but tobacco is nothing! J-AL
Kung Fu Hustle - R
    - Although Kung Fu Hustle showed that even normal people can have extraordinary powers, its clear that the ability to not smoke is a power that no villager possessed. DW
Kung Fu Panda - PG
    - The Kung Fu fighters were strong, cool, and kick-butt without any tobacco in sight. CF
Kung Fu Panda 2 - PG
    - Kung Fu Panda 2 kicked butts again. RA
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist - PG-13
Labor Day - PG-13
    - Overall Labor Day was not the most interesting movie but it was a tobacco-free movie.
Ladder 49 - PG-13
    - Buildings weren't the only things being lit in this movie, one firefighter chose to put his co-worker's lives on the line by lighting up in the workplace. AM & SM
Lady in the Water - PG-13
    - Cleveland gets two thumbs up for promoting smoke-free areas, however, the residences of 13A get two thumbs down for their bad smoking habits and disregarding the law. KL
Ladykillers, The - R
    - Ladykillers with black hearts and black lungs. AW
Lake House, The - PG
    - Thankfully enough, the love story, not tobacco, takes center stage in this movie. JT
Lakeview Terrace - PG-13
    - The 'Terrace' has cigarette smokers but the view looks a little better with the sound of a few anti-tobacco messages. SM
Land of the Dead - R
    - Puhleeeeze! The wealthy, not-so-good guy with the cigar is overdone, yet again and Cholo (John Leguizamo) didn't get the message that tobacco use, as well as zombies, kills. SM
Land of the Lost - PG-13
    - Right place. Wrong time. However, there is never a place nor time good enough for smoking. J-A L.
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life - PG-13
    - While Lara Croft is saving the world she knows how to save her own life by not smoking. LB
Larry Crowne - PG-13
    - No 'Crown' should be given to the makers of Larry Crowne. EF
Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector - PG-13
    - Larry the Health Inspector gave out health violations like candy to ensure the safety of customers, but unfortunately stopped short of giving Jane’s mom a health violation when she lit up in front of him and her adult daughter. CJ
Last Airbender, The - PG
    - The Last Airbender proves to be a fun and safe movie for its PG-rated audience. JP
Last Exorcism Part II, The - PG-13
    - Scary and Smokeless. RA
Last Exorcism, The - PG-13
    - The Last Exorcism earns itself a definite Pink Lung Award for its lack of any tobacco or branding. JK
Last Holiday - PG-13
    - Although Queen Latifah herself did not smoke in Last Holiday, a doctor smoking a cigarette and a powerful congressman with a cigar earned this movie a pro tobacco message and a dark grey lung. LH and CJ
Last House on the Left, The - R
    - While it is implied that cigarettes were sold to a minor, we never see any tobacco products nor use in this film.
Last Kiss, The - R
    - The Last Kiss would have been sweeter without tobacco breath on Izzy and some of the extras breaths. CM
Last Mimzy, The - PG
    - The future is trying to tell us something...and it's sayig DON'T SMOKE!!" JG
Last Samurai, The - R
    - What's more deadly than a Samurai warrior? The secondhand smoke inhaled by the actors and crew on the set of this movie. SM
Last Song, The - PG
    - Nicholas Sparks captivates everyone by creating tobacco-free scenes until and including 'The Last Song' in the movie. UK
Last Stand, The - R
    - Take a stand against tobacco. RA
Last Vegas - PG-13
    - Lets make this the last time tobacco appears on screen
Law Abiding Citizen - R
    - Even though Philadelphia is in mad chaos from a mass murder whom is in jail, tobacco makes a short appearance. NS
Lawless - R
    - Lawless and careless. RA
Laws of Attraction - PG-13
    - In this film Ireland's pubs were portrayed as being smoke-free (which now they are). Makes us want to don our Irish dancing shoes and kick our heels! SM
League of Extrodinary Gentlemen - PG-13
    - This league would have truly been extraordinary if the cigarettes would have been extinguished. KT
Leap Year - PG
    - The lovebirds leap away from tobacco in Leap Year. AM
Leatherheads - PG-13
    - Leatherheads should be wearing leather face masks to try and stop the horrible smoke from getting into their lungs. RB
Lee Daniel's The Butler - PG-13
    - The Butler should have informed everyone that smoking is bad for their health. RA
Legally Blonde: Red, White $ Blonde - PG-13
    - Elle would have been much happier with a PINK lung but inadvertant pipe use gives this movie a light grey rating. KT
Legend of Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - PG
    - On his way to find a legend… he will become one, epic as well as tobacco-free. JL
Legend of Zorro, The - PG
    - Elena's "unlady like" pipe use was an undercover ploy. Thankfully she offsets this pro-message in 3 ways: saying it's disgusting, telling Zorro "You know I don't smoke!", and intensely coughing when trying to smoke. SM
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return - PG
    - A fun pink-lung movie for the whole family to enjoy!
Legion - R
    - Being pregnant does not stop a Hollywood star from lighting up on screen. NS
Lego Movie, The - PG
    - Funny movie with no tobacco.
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - PG
    - Count Olaf, disguised as a Captain, didn't need a pipe to show his unique character - a parrot on his shoulder would have been better. SM
Les Misérables - PG-13
    - To become miserable, use tobacco. AN
Let Me In - R
    - In this film vampires ask before coming in… tobacco does not! AT
Letters to God - PG
    - Letters to God contained an overall positive message and was tobacco free. RA
Letters to Juliet - PG
    - What if you had a second chance to find true love? Would there be as many cigarette incidents as apparent in this film ? J-AL
License to Wed - PG-13
    - "License to Wed was a funny tobacco-free movie with no signs of smoking except the very end when there is a reference to lighting up. However, since the reference was likely intended for a non-tobacco product the film has retained a pink lung award. LL
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The - R
    - Even though the movie is funny, the tobacco use in it is no joking matter. CL
Life As We Know It - PG-13
    - A tobacco- free life as we know it, will help you through the biggest responsibility to taking care of a child. LT
Life of Pi - PG
    - Life of Pi shows bravery, courage, and no tobacco. RA
Like Mike - PG
Lilo & Stitch - PG
Limitless - PG-13
    - Limitless mental abilities should not mean unlimited tobacco use for Eddie Morra. ZC
Lincoln - PG-13
    - You'll never be able to achieve something if tobacco gets in the way. AP
Lincoln Lawyer, The - R
    - This film is guilty of tobacco use. AI
Lion King, The - G
    - Crown the smoke-free king! AI
Lions for Lambs - R
    - It's a very good thing that smoking was not added to the multitude of difficulties everyone faced in Lions for Lambs. EC
Little Black Book - PG-13
    - Although this movie contains many tobacco incidents, the consistent anti-tobacco comments show the true power of addiction. CJ
Little Fockers - PG-13
    - Those Little Fockers have clean pink lungs! AI
Little Man - PG-13
    - The "parents" of this "little man" may not be smart enough to realize he isn't a baby, but they are smart enough to realize the importance of keeping a child's environment smoke-free. LH
Little Miss Sunshine - R
    - Ms. Collette should've used a stress ball, because they're healthier and cheaper than cigarettes. AC
Live Free or Die Hard - PG-13
    - Bruce Willis does a good job in Live Free Or Die Hard without having anything to do with tobacco. MT
Lockout - PG-13
    - Smoking in space. RA
Lone Ranger, The - PG-13
    - The Smoke-Free Ranger. RA
Lone Survivor - R
    - A story of heroes and bravery.
Longest Yard, The - PG-13
    - "Chris Rock plays ""Caretaker"" and he needs to take care of removing the tobacco from this film. LL"
Longshots, The - PG
    - The filmmakers don't take any longshots when it comes to young audiences viewing tobacco scenes; it's just not in the playbook. SM
Looney Tunes: Back in Action - PG
    - Looney Tunes should take a bow for being tobacco-free. CL
Looper - R
    - Smoking in the future is just as bad for your health as smoking in the present. AP
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - PG-13
    - Lord of the Pipes: the Return of Tobacco. Too bad Frodo didn't destroy all those pipes at Mount Doom along with the ring. KT
Lord of War - R
    - His career path is not the only place that Yuri is leading a double life – despite his witty comments denouncing the tobacco industry, in reality he is the Lord of Tobacco as he is seen with a cigarette in nearly every scene. CJ
Lords of Dogtown - PG-13
    - Lords of Dogtown shows the teen audience that tobacco comes with fame instead of realistically showing the health problems it causes. AF
Losers, The - PG-13
    - This movie loses its pink lung status due to a depiction of a comic character with a cigarette during credits. SM
Lost in Translation - R
    - Unfortunately, pro-tobacco messages did not get "lost in translation". SM
Lottery Ticket - PG-13
    - Audiences around the country hit the lotto with this tobacco-free movie. SM
Love Actually - R
    - England manages to stay away from tobacco but the pink lung award is narrowly missed because one US scene where tobacco is used in a bar. SM
Love and Other Drugs - R
    - Love, but what other drugs? Hopefully not tobacco. JP
Love Don't Cost a Thing - PG-13
    - Love Don't Cost A Thing also shows staying tobacco free is priceless. SK
Love Guru, The - PG-13
    - The Love Guru doesn't use any glamorous depictions of tobacco to spread his message. SM
Love Happens - PG-13
    - Sometimes, when you least expect it, smoking happens. J-AL
Love in the Time of Cholera - R
    - Wealth, power, & glamour describe the tobacco use messages in this movie that could also be titled Love in the Time of Lung Cancer. SM
Lovely Bones, The - PG-13
    - What a wonder it was... not murder by tobacco. JP
Lucky Number Slevin - R
    - Although Josh Harnett was supposedly at the “wrong place [and] wrong time,” he made the right choice of not smoking in this movie. KL
Lucky One, The - PG-13
    - Don't let cigarettes stop you from finding your own lucky charm! QT
Lucky You - PG-13
    - Luck wasn't in the air for this film - it narrowly missed a pink lung by showing extras smoking in the background of the casino and a bar. CM
MacGruber - R
    - MacGruber fights evil almost as well as he fights smoking. JK
Machete - R
    - The ridiculous amount of tobacco in this film should have been cut out by a machete. RA
Machete Kills - R
    - Machete needs to kill all the smoking.
Mad Money - PG-13
    - This mad money won't be spent on tobacco. AM
Madagascar - PG
    - Born to be Smoke Free. EO
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - PG
    - Smoking Bananas. RA
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - PG
    - Although the animal's escape to Africa kept them away from tobacco, filmmakers found it necessary to place a cigar replacement prop in a chimp's mouth as he is negotiating a health contract. AM & SM
Made of Honor - PG-13
    - The guy "made of honor" turns this movie dark because of his fun/cool cigar portrayal. SM
Madea Goes to Jail - PG-13
    - This time it's the unique Madea who lights up and she does so in a designated non-smoking area, the prison visitors room. SM
Madea's Big Happy Family - PG-13
    - Madea should have slapped that cigarette out of the man's mouth. RA
Madea's Family Reunion - PG-13
    - Madea needed to demand respect from all the reunion guests but one of the older guests - the only one who smoked in the whole movie – needed to have respect for others health. CT & SM
Madea's Witness Protection - PG-13
    - You’ll need to buy me a cigarette if you keep touching me like that! Madea
Magic Mike - R
    - You don’t need tobacco to make others see magic. AP
Maid in Manhattan - PG-13
Maleficent - PG
    - Maleficent was magnificent!
Malibu's Most Wanted - PG-13
Mama - PG-13
    - Tobacco is scarier than Mama. RA
Mamma Mia! - PG-13
    - Mamma Mia! Is exactly what I thought when I saw the groom smoking a cigar on the beach. AD
Man Apart, A - R
Man of Steel - PG-13
    - Superman is super smoke-free. RA
Man of the House - PG-13
    - Secondhand smoke could be more dangerous to the cheerleaders than the hitmen. RL
Man of the Year - PG-13
    - Walken's character made light-hearted comments about his tobacco addiction, which started at age 7, but overall this movie realistically depicted the negative consequences of tobacco use when Walken slowly and painfully contracted emphysema. CM
Man on a Ledge - PG-13
    - In this action packed thriller, tobacco was used for stressful situations and to show power. JL
Man on Fire - R
    - Even Creasy (Denzel Washington) was powerless against the endless smokers in this film. MT
Man with the Iron Fists, The - R
    - The Man with the Iron Fists and a cigar in his mouth. RA
Man, The - PG-13
    - Despite his annoying tendencies as Andy Fiddler, Eugene Levy really is “The Man” for not resorting to the use of tobacco to develop his character. CJ
Manchurian Candidate, The - R
    - The Manchurian Candidate: a mix of lies, politics, and tobacco. KE
March of the Penguins - G
    - Thankfully the cameramen filming the documentary did not resort to tobacco to keep them warm in Antarctica. CJ
Marie Antoinette - PG-13
    - Marie Antoinette, smart on fashion and on smoking. AS
Marine, The - PG-13
    - Sir, yes sir, there was no smoking in The Marine! RB
Marley and Me - PG
    - Marley the dog might have been misbehaving, but the producers weren't when they excluded tobacco from their movie. CF
Marmaduke - PG
    - Living large doesn't require tobacco. ZC
Mars Needs Moms - PG
    - I wish I lived on Mars because there's no smoking on that planet! RA
Martian Child - PG
    - Martian Child was out of this world because it contained almost no tobacco usage. An extra pulls out a cigarette in one quick scene. SP
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World - PG-13
    - This movie takes you back to the Napoleonic era of large wooden ships, sword battles, and young people and a doctor that smoke their health away. SS
Master of Disguise - PG
Master, The - R
    - The Master disappointed us with the amount of tobacco use. RA
Matador, The - R
    - A movie about a trained assassin... but which is it cigars or cigarettes? DL
Matchstick Men - PG-13
    - The film Matchstick Men smokes up the screen with an obscene amount of tobacco use. KE
Material Girls - PG-13
    - While we appreciate the anti-tobacco messages from Hilary & Haylie, it wasn't necessary to depict tobacco use as something fashionable. How sad it is that the producer, Duff's mom, didn't fight to keep her daughter from smoking on screen. BP and CM
Matrix Revolutions, The - R
    - I foresee an early death for the smoking Oracle in Matrix Revolutions. SH
Max Payne - PG-13
    - Sadly, Natasha would have died eventually, if not from being murdered, then from smoking. MP
Mean Girls - PG-13
    - These girls may be mean but they sure aren't stupid. They know to keep tobacco away. AM
Mechanic, The - R
    - The Mechanic failed his most important mission to eliminate tobacco. RA
Medallion, The - PG-13
    - Although one bad guy tarnishes the Medallion with a grey lung, this movie shows that supernatural powers come without smoking. AN
Meet Dave - PG
    - A smokefree youth-rated Eddie Murphy movie. SM
Meet the Browns - PG-13
    - A few extras had a role in using tobacco while Vera, who never smokes, says she needs to quit smoking due to her cough. SM
Meet the Fockers - PG-13
    - About the only good lesson baby Jack learned from the Fockers was not to smoke. Although in one scene an extra in the background was smoking we proudly present the tobacco-free Fockers! SK and DW
Meet the Robinsons - G
    - One brief scene with an unlit cigar kept this movie from “Meeting the Pink Lung” KT
Meet the Spartans - PG-13
    - In the hilarious spoof, Meet the Spartans, all the characters made sure to be smoke-free while they poked fun at previously released movies. RB
Megamind - PG
    - Even evil geniuses know that tobacco is a bad idea. JP
Memoirs of a Geisha - PG-13
    - While the essence of a geisha is pure beauty, the excessive smoking in the movie was simply ugly, especially when done around children. RS
Men in Black 2 - PG-13
Men in Black III - PG-13
    - Men In Tobacco. AI
Men Who Stare at Goats, The - R
    - The Men Who Need to Kick the Habit. JK
Messengers, The - PG-13
    - The eerie scenes were already scary enough to warrant no smoking. RL
Miami Vice - R
    - The cops in Miami Vice did everything they could to stop the trade and use of all drugs – except tobacco. LH
Michael Clayton -
    - Michael Clayton is great at handling problems. It's too bad he doesn't fight against tobacco. MT
Midnight in Paris - PG-13
    - According to this film, Midnight in Paris is supposed to be beautiful, but nothing is beautiful about the massive amount of smoking. BP
Mighty Heart, A - R
    - Even under situations that one can't control, like the one depicted in 'A Mighty Heart', smoking around a pregnant woman and children is something one can control. LL
Mighty Wind, A - PG-13
Milk - R
    - Harvey Milk may have inspired millions, but his colleagues (and extras in the film) chugged billions of tobacco. JP
Million Dollar Arm - PG
    - Inspiring baseball movie with no tobacco impressions.
Million Dollar Baby - PG-13
    - Despite tough elements Million Dollar Baby shines with a KO to the tobacco industry. CJ, SM, JB
Mindhunters - R
    - It's important to note that false tobacco brands were used in this film and there were a good number of anti-tobacco messages contained in this rather smokey film.
Minority Report - PG-13
Miracle - PG
    - Tricky moves and teamwork weren't the only things that contributed to the Olympic Gold; staying tobacco-free made the athletes stronger. LB
Miracle at St. Anna - R
    - Too bad tobacco use was underscored in the script. It would have taken a miracle for editors to edit all of the tobacco scenes including use around young people and specific brand depiction. SM
Mirror Mirror - PG
    - Mirror Mirror took place in a fairytale land free of tobacco. AJ
Mirrors - R
    - Staying tobacco-free in the movie "Mirrors" allowed Kiefer Sutherland to continue worrying about the haunted mirrors instead of having to worry about the serious health issues of tobacco. AP
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous - PG-13
    - Sandra Bullock was 'armed and fabulous' but the rest of the movie fell short and unfortunately relied on tobacco usage to shape some of the characters into bad guys. KD
Miss March - R
    - With playboy stars and music celebrities tobacco makes a smoke filled appearance. NS
Missing, The - R
    - Ron Howard's movie was almost 'missing' tobacco. CW
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - PG-13
    - The actor who was smoking was portrayed as somebody who was powerful, and ruthless giving the movie a strong pro-tobacco message. YS
Mission: Impossible III - PG-13
    - MI:3's continuous action and explosions nearly steal the show from the smoke of a couple of cigarettes. AQ
Mist, The - R
    - A misting of tobacco use with a shower of brand depiction.
Mom's Night Out - PG
    - A PG movie with tobacco.
Mona Lisa Smile - PG-13
    - da Vinci's Mona Lisa might smile a lot more if she weren't surrounded by a complete cast of smokers. KP
Moneyball - PG-13
    - Statistically, tobacco is still one of the top contenders for bad health. LT
Monster - R
    - Even though the State of Florida chose to execute Aileen Wuornos, Big Tobacco already had. KT
Monster House - PG
    - As the mystery unfolds there are no tobacco depictions to tie up the plot or release pro-tobacco messages to a predominantly youth audience. SM
Monster-in-Law - PG-13
    - Only a few tobacco incidents in this movie but they could have been an additional obstacle for the couple in love. RL
Monsters University - G
    - Scare the tobacco out of you. RA
Monsters vs. Aliens - PG
    - Final Score: Monsters 10, Tobacco 0. JP
Monsters, Inc. - PG
    - Everyone is scared of tobacco. RA
Monte Carlo - PG
    - A trip to Monte Carlo, always fun; however, tobacco can ruin it all. ZC
Monuments Men, The - PG-13
    - Tobacco did not need to be part of the remarkable story.
Moonlight Mile - PG-13
Moonrise Kingdom - PG-13
    - Lets run away together to a non-smoking land! QT
Morning Glory - PG-13
    - Wake Up, America! This morning would be glorious without tobacco. ED
Mortal Instruments, The: City of Bones - PG-13
    - I enjoyed this tobacco-free movie. RA
Mothman Prophecies, The - PG-13
Movie 43 - R
    - E-cigs.. More like gross cigs. RA
Mr. & Mrs. Smith - PG-13
    - "Sadly, tobacco was not completely undercover in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. SK"
Mr. 3000 - PG-13
    - Ross Stan is the man that can and the king with the swing because smoking just isn't his thing. MT
Mr. Bean's Holiday - G
    - In Mr. Bean's Holiday they traveled away from getting closer to a pink lung, arriving at the Cannes Film Festival to see tobacco used on screen. AJ
Mr. Brooks - R
    - The man who has everything has something to hide, in this case an extra caught smoking in the background. BH
Mr. Deeds - PG-13
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - G
    - No smoking in this movie, how magical! AJ
Mr. Peabody & Sherman - PG
    - Mr. Peabody and Sherman go on a pink lung adventure.
Mr. Popper's Penguins - PG
    - The penguins and Popper had fun without tobacco. RA
Mr. Woodcock - PG-13
    - It's not the quirky, compassion-lacking coach who lights up but those around him who do while sending pro-tobacco messages. SM
Mud - PG-13
    - A movie with a disgusting amount of tobacco. RA
Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - PG-13
    - Though no one uses tobacco, why even put in a pipe as a wealthy image? KT
Munich - R
    - Although the struggle over Israel takes many lives, the struggle with tobacco takes even more. KT
Muppets Most Wanted - PG
    - The Muppets were not wanted for tobacco.
Muppets, The - PG
    - The Muppets are back, better than ever! RA
Murder by Numbers - R
Music and Lyrics - PG-13
    - There will be no clouds above your head as you watch this romantic comedy, though you might see a clown! AB
Must Love Dogs - PG-13
    - The online dating service "perfectly matched" Sara (Diane Lane) and Jake (John Cusak) by filtering out all of the big losers: the smokers. (The movie makers must love dogs and their lungs too!) AF
My Baby's Daddy - PG-13
    - Subjecting adults to secondhand smoke is bad enough; this movie goes one step further by creating an unhealthy atmosphere for children by exposing them to shs. MT
My Best Friend's Girl - R
    - You can live life to the fullest but you'll be able to live life to the fullest, longer, without tobacco. TV
My Bloody Valentine-3D - R
    - The heart will also suffer due to tobacco use while the specific brand depiction puts money in the tobacco industry's pocket. SM
My Boss's Daughter - PG-13
    - Ashton and Tara don't light up but the pro messages gathered from the unnecessary tobacco use by other credited actors gives this film the thumbs down. SM
My Life in Ruins - PG-13
    - This movie is about finding your true self, and it wouldn't have been any less Greek-ilicious if the cigar scenes had been left out. MP
My Sister's Keeper - PG-13
    - Not only has Anna protected her cancer-ridden sister for all her life, but she also keeps this tear-jerking film tobacco free. KY
My Soul to Take - R
    - Ripperton Seven Spotlight Stolen by 4 Minutes of Pure Tobacco. JP
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - PG-13
    - Instead of using her powers to make Matt's life miserable, G-Girl could've used her powers to get her former, lifelong enemy to quit smoking. KL
Mystic River - R
    - Amazing acting, directing, and screenplay, but why is Sean Penn the only smokeless actor? SL
Nacho Libre - PG
    - Nacho doesn't have to worry about second-hand smoke from wrestling enthusiasts staining his baby-blue costume or ruining his lungs. Everyone stays smoke-free, even the most powerful of wrestlers. SM
Nancy Drew - PG
    - Nancy Drew's sleuthing only uncovered one minor character smoking, earning the movie a light grey lung. CM
Nanny Diaries, The - PG-13
    - Although some adults around Annie, the nanny, have chosen to indulge in a nasty habit of smoking it doesn't affect her and she stays true to her goals and what she believes is right. KH
Nanny McPhee - PG
    - Not only is Nanny Mcphee tough on discipline, she's also tough against tobacco usage. BP
Nanny McPhee Returns - PG
    - Thankfully, with the Return of Nanny McPhee, also returns her policy of zero tobacco! MP
Napoleon Dynamite - PG
    - Napoleon is dynamite by staying tobacco-free. KT
National Security - PG-13
National Treasure - PG
    - I'd rather see a pipe used as a key in a treasure hunt rather than for smoking. AM Not only could these adventurers decipher clues, but they knew the value of healthy lungs. SS
National Treasure: Book of Secrets - PG
    - National Treasure was your classic Disney movie with only one very minor hint of smoking. RB & KT
Nativity Story, The - PG
    - Thankfully, and as expected, there was no tobacco use at the inn, around babes, nor throughout the ancient land. CM
Need for Speed - PG-13
    - Need for Speed, not tobacco.
Neighbors - R
    - Zack Efron lights up on the big screen with e-cigarettes.
Never Back Down - PG-13
    - The movie never backed down from staying tobacco-free. JK
New Guy, The - PG-13
New in Town - PG
    - The new girl in town didn't adopt new ideas, such as smoking. AS
New Year's Eve - PG-13
    - I thought this movie was great and it was even better because it didn't have any smoking. CJ
New York Minute - PG-13
    - A breath of fresh air in Manhattan. SM
Next - PG-13
    - Perhaps Nicolas Cage will consider not smoking in his "Next" film. CM
Next Day Air - R
    - Next Day Air features a man making a simple delivery with a plot that twists and eventually leads to cigarettes and cigars. RB
Next Three Days, The - PG-13
    - The rush of seeing how Russel Crowe was going to break his wife out of jail would have been much more exciting if it was not made hazy by a cloud of smoke left by Liam Neeson. MP
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - PG-13
    - The playlist included only one bad song featuring a short tobacco scene. SM
Night at the Museum - PG
    - A clean, fun, smoke-free movie, perfect for the holidays!LL
Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian - PG
    - This historical sequel was just as fun and tobacco free as the first Night at the Museum! CF
Night Listener, The - R
    - The Night Listener should learn to listen more...Smoking kills and depicting brand is free advertising for tobacco companies! DL
Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D, The - PG
    - This film stays tobacco-free in 3-D. SM
Nights at Rodanthe - PG-13
    - Night at Rodanthe was a dramatic romantic film, but not one incident of tobacco. FB
Nim's Island - PG
    - A tropical paradise, Nim's Island is tobacco-free! SM
Nine - PG-13
    - The title 'Nine' could refer to the total number of tobacco free minutes of this movie. CF
Ninja Assassin - R
    - The "scent" of tobacco lingers a bit in this film. KY
No Country for Old Men - R
    - The hunt for money and the need to stay alive superseded the use of tobacco in this film. AI
No Reservations - PG
    - Catherine Zeta-Jones says it all about the implied use of cigarettes in this movie "Ewwww".
No Strings Attached - R
    - There should not be any strings attached with smoking. AP
Noah - PG-13
    - Biblical pink lung movie.
Non-Stop - PG-13
    - Smoking on a plane is against the law.
Norbit - PG-13
    - If Norbit was up in the air about whether or not to leave Rasputia, the smoking in bed should have clearly answered the question. RE
North Country - R
    - Yet another "inspired by a true story" movie with tobacco just about everywhere, including brand depiction. AM
Not Easily Broken - PG-13
    - Just a few incidents of tobacco otherwise an almost unbroken movie. SM
Notebook, The - PG-13
    - A useless chapter on smoking within the Notebook. SK
Nothing Like the Holidays - PG-13
    - Obviously this movie thinks there's nothing like the holidays without a lot of tobacco. TA
Notorious - R
    - Biggie and his entourage are notorious for smoking cigarettes and cigars but the specific brand used in this film was like an ad for the tobacco industry. JS
Now You See Me - PG-13
    - Tobacco was not seen in this movie. RA
Number 23, The - R
    - This movie was filled with tobacco usage and pro-images, and eerie as it may be one reviewer counted 23 cigarette appearances! LL
Nut Job, The - PG
    - I love tobacco-free PG movies!
Oblivion - PG-13
    - The future looks gloomy when tobacco is involved. NL
Observe and Report - R
    - I went to Observe a movie for tobacco incidents and I'm gladly going to Report that there were non! RA
Obsessed - PG-13
    - The directors of Obsessed weren't completely obsessed with smoking although one scene portrays tobacco in a fun/celebatory manner. J-AL
Ocean's Thirteen - PG-13
    - While most of Ocean's team remains alert about the healthy habits of living and principles of loyalty, a few of them decide to puff away their lives. AB
Ocean's Twelve - PG-13
    - There won’t be an Ocean’s 13 if some of the thieves and Benedict (Garcia) don’t quit their cigar habits. JF
Oceans - G
    - 'Oceans' does not cast away the idea of tobacco with an anti-tobacco message, but it makes sure not to shore up tobacco with a pro-tobacco message. JK
October Baby - PG-13
    - October Baby was filled with tears, not tobacco. RA
Oculus - R
    - This movie was scary but tobacco-free.
Odd Life of Timothy Green, The - PG
    - Timothy Green changes everyone he meets.CJ
Old Dogs - PG
    - The filmmakers kept smoking out of Old Dogs making this movie kid-friendly. BP
Old School - R
Olympus Has Fallen - R
    - Security Breach: Tobacco Detected. RA
Omen, The - R
    - The different events signaled the coming of armegeddon while the cigarette thrown away by the homeless guy lead to one death and will cause many deaths in the future if people don't stop smoking. MT
One Day - PG-13
    - One Day is a fun romance movie with no smoking at all. LK
One Direction: This Is Us - PG
    - One Direction please stay tobacco-free! RA
One for the Money - PG-13
    - One for the Money and apparently One for the Tobacco. MT
One Hour Photo - R
One Missed Call - PG-13
    - The horror film One Missed Call scared everyone with tobacco use around a child earning it an automatic black lung. RA
One Night with the King - PG
    - It was a tobacco-free night with the king. LL
Open Range - R
    - In the battle of smoking, the West was lost. SM
Open Season - PG
    - Not only did Boog come the realization that the wildlife is where he really belongs, he did it with perseverance and determination, and definitely NOT tobacco. KL
Open Water - R
    - A tobacco-free movie: The only dangerous things in this movie were the sharks. CL
Orange County - PG-13
Order, The - R
    - The dark pope proves to be as black as his lungs. SH
Orphan - R
    - Smoking clearly doesn't merely hurt the smoker, as is shown in Orphan- others get hurt too. EC
Other Boleyn Girl, The - PG-13
    - Back in the day, one only needed to worry about dying from beheading, without the threat of lung cancer clouding their lives. EC
Other Guys, The - PG-13
    - It seems like David Ershon (Steve Coogan) has that interest to sell cigarettes when his life had gone downhill and a prison full of people who are just the same as him, needed some smoking to probably relax them. LT
Other Woman, The - PG-13
    - Why would someone use hookah pipes as a prop?
Our Family Wedding - PG-13
    - Stressful situations, celebrations, and "I dos" without tobacco. SM
Our Idiot Brother - R
    - Our brother may be an idiot, but he's tobacco-free. AI
Out of the Furance - R
    - This movie is about bad guys who smoke.
Out of Time - PG-13
    - The medical examiner will be out of time soon if he doesn't cut the cigarettes. RL
Over the Hedge - PG
    - Over the Hedge flies under the radar with no tobacco usage at all! LD
Oz the Great and Powerful - PG
    - Oz, the great, the powerful, and the smoke-free. RA
P.S. I Love You - PG-13
    - P.S. You'll love this almost smoke-free movie! CF
P2 - R
    - Angela must be thankful this holiday that she didn't have to deal with the harmful effects of tobacco while trying to escape the locked parking structure. MT
Pacific Rim - PG-13
    - Smokeless, Action packed, Drama! RA
Pacifier, The - PG
    - Vin Diesel helped stop the babies from crying, but the real 'Pacifier' was the absence of tobacco usage. LL
Pain & Gain - R
    - Smoking a cigar does not make you look cool. RA
Pan's Labyrinth - R
    - If the rebels don't get Captain Vidal lung cancer sure will. KH
Pandorum - R
    - No smoking on board this sci-fi spacecraft. SM
Paparazzi - PG-13
    - Hollywood and the paparazzi are above the law in this movie as we see tobacco use in a California bar. SM
Paranormal Activity - R
    - No tobacco haunting in this film. SM
Paranormal Activity 2 - R
    - You cannot ignore that tobacco will continue to be bad for your health. AP
Paranormal Activity 3 - R
    - Ghostly possession may run in the family, but tobacco use doesn't. JL
Paranormal Activity 4 - R
    - Scary but tobacco-free. RA
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones - R
    - A pink lung goes to this scary movie.
ParaNorman - PG
    - Tobacco and zombies do not mix. RA
Parental Guidance - PG
    - Parental Guidance is recommended for this movie with light smoking. KM
Parker - R
    - Tobacco is dangerous. RA
Passion of the Christ, The - R
    - Tobacco has no place in Mel Gibson's film focused on the accurate depiction of Jesus' final hours. LB.
Pathfinder - R
    - Although there was a pipe in this movie, it was determined that it was more of a ceremonial peyote pipe versus a tobacco pipe, so this movie slips by with a pink lung. KT
Paul - R
    - Paul influenced two innocent earthlings to smoke. LT
Paul Blart: Mall Cop - PG
    - Kevin James proves a mall cop can save the day, the film makers prove it can be done without tobacco. SM
Paycheck - PG-13
    - Ben's gotta learn it never PAYS to smoke tobacco. AN
Peeples - PG-13
    - Come on Peeples, you know smoking is not good for your health. RA
Penelope - PG-13
    - Unfortunately, this kid friendly movie, 'oinked' when they allowed tobacco to be unnecessarily shown. CF
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lighning Thief - PG
    - This film showed a healthier version of a Las Vegas casino one where people danced and explored instead of smoked. MP
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - PG
    - Percy Jackson is our tobacco-free hero. RA
Perfect Holiday, The - PG
    - The Perfect Holiday earned a perfect pink lung with no smoking incidents. RA
Perfect Man, The - PG
    - This movie really reached perfection by keeping the tobacco out! CJ
Perfect Score, The - PG-13
    - The Perfect Score was not perfect when it came to smoking! KP
Perfect Stranger - R
    - This movie was thankfully a perfect stranger to tobacco use. CM
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The - PG-13
    - There are no perks to smoking. RA
Peter Pan - PG
    - Even in Never Never Land, it should be illegal for adults to give children access to tobacco products. LB
Phantom of the Opera, The - PG-13
    - Tobacco use would have taken out the smokers if the Phantom had not. CS In The Phantom of the Opera, tobacco incidents were as fleeting as the Phantom himself. KL
Phat Girlz - PG-13
    - A smoke-free, struggling plus size fashion designer looks for self-acceptance and love. AQ
Philomena - PG-13
    - Philomena had real archive footage in the film which is why we gave it a Pink by Special Circumstance.
Phonebooth - R
Pianist, The - R
Piglet's Big Movie - G
Pineapple Express - R
    - Pineapple Express is rare stuff - can we make tobacco just as rare? EC
Pink Panther 2, The - PG
    - The entire cast of Pink Panther 2 proves that you can go on an international manhunt and still catch the criminal without lighting up. MP
Pink Panther, The - PG
    - Inspector Clouseau found the pink panther, but not the pink lung when he used the cliché method of offering a cigarette to a prisoner in an effort to make him talk. Thankfully the cigarette was not accepted. CJ
Piranha 3D - R
    - Piranhas, not cigarettes, are the killers in this movie. JK
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End - PG-13
    - Unlike Dead Man's Chest, these pirates were able to make it to the worlds end without any pipe smoking. BH
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - PG-13
    - The pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest may pilage and plunder, but if they continue to use tobacco, they may find themselves in their own dead man's chest. BP
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - PG-13
    - You don't need the fountain of youth to keep you young, you just need to quit smoking. RA
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - PG-13
    - Viewers are able to enjoy the entrancing character Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, without any tobacco related influences. KE
Pirates Who Don't do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie, The - G
    - These pirates made the right choice by not smoking because nobody likes smoked veggies. AD
Pirates! Band of Misfits, The - PG
    - Pirates and some pipe. RA
Pitch Perfect - PG-13
    - Singing is cooler than smoking. RA
Place Beyond the Pines, The - R
    - Ryan Gosling is not sexy with a cigarette in his mouth. RA
Planes - PG
    - Flying smoke-free. RA
Planes: Fire & Rescue - PG
    - These Planes saved a lot of pink lungs!
Planet 51 - PG
    - Planet 51 is made of the right stuff, which includes no tobacco. MP
Playing for Keeps - PG-13
    - No tobacco for keeps. NL
Polar Express - PG
    - Santa only leaves presents for those that believe and stay smoke-free - so keep believing and stay healthy. AS
Pompeii - PG-13
    - Pompeii was victorious with no-tobacco portrayal.
Ponyo - G
    - Sosuke and Ponyo went on a fun adventure without smoking- we do wonder why the picture of a pipe on a book of matches was necessary. AJ and AI
Pooh's Heffalump Movie - G
    - As it should be, tobacco isn't any issue as Pooh and friends search for the Heffalump. SM
Poseidon - PG-13
    - Though Posiedon was sinking the cigarettes did not go down with it. Main Character, Josh Lucas smoked in the lounge casino looking cool and winning other peoples' money. RB
Possession, The - PG-13
    - A tobacco-free possession. RA
Prairie Home Companion, A - PG-13
    - The makers of this movie should have chosen better Prairie Home Companions than tobacco, ones that don't lead to cancer and ones that promote better health. AF
Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire - R
    - The quantity of smoking was far from "precious". TA
Predators - R
    - Predators, not cigarettes, are what prey on the humans. JK
Premium Rush - PG-13
    - Heroic bike messengers don't need tobacco to be cool. AL
Premonition - PG-13
    - Too bad the filmmakers didn't foresee the dangers of smoking. AJ
Prestige, The - PG-13
    - The two rival magicians gained some prestige without using any tobacco. MT
Pride - PG
    - There is no pride in smoking a cigarette to make yourself look cool. CM
Pride and Glory - R
    - Pride and Glory reeked of action, crooked cops and unfortunately, tobacco. JS
Pride and Prejudice - PG
    - Filmmakers concentrated on making a clever, romantic story by utilizing the talent of the actors and actresses, beautiful scenery, and solid writing rather than using tobacco to do so. SM
Priest - PG-13
    - Tobacco creates evil in the world. RA
Prime - PG-13
    - Minimal tobacco use kept these characters in their Prime. MR
Primeval - R
    - The crocodile might have claimed hundreds of lives, but Harry with his powerful cigar smoking images could've done the same. LL
Prince and Me, The - PG
    - Charming to see a tobacco-free movie. SM
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - PG-13
    - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was an actioned packed film not a tobacco packed film. RA
Princess and the Frog, The - G
    - Even frogs know how to refuse tobacco! J-AL
Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, The - G
    - Tobacco-free, happily ever after. AM
Prisoners - R
    - Don't be a prisoner of tobacco. RA
Project X - R
    - Project X is full of laughs and partying, but not full of tobacco. JL
Prom - PG
    - Prom can be fun without tobacco. HK
Prom Night - PG-13
    - Prom Night is a night filled with horror but not smoke. YK
Prometheus - R
    - Prominent characters smoking give this movie a dark grey rating. ED
Promised Land - R
    - Promised Land was tobacco-free land. RA
Proposal, The - PG-13
    - This movie is an example of our "propsal" for tobacco-free movies. LL
Protector, The - R
    - The great protector is able to protect elephants because of his love for them as well as his healthy lifestyle which definitely does NOT include smoking. MT
Public Enemies - R
    - Tobacco is now the only undefeated Public Enemy. EC
Pulling Strings - PG
    - We need to Pull some Strings to get tobacco out movies.
Pulse - PG-13
    - If the characters continue to smoke they won't have a pulse, not because of the soul sucking monsters, but because of the cigarettes. LL
Punch-Drunk Love - R
Punisher, The - R
    - The Punisher can stop crime-needs to stop smoking. AW
Punisher: War Zone - R
    - Tobacco products were used by non-imdb actors who did it because they seemed bored, made them feel relaxed, or was fun. DB
Purge, The - R
    - Purify your life and stop tobacco use. AN
Purge: Anarchy, The - R
    - Seems like in 2023 America was purging and staying tobacco-free.
Pursuit of Happyness, The - PG-13
    - Due to their cigarette smoking, mostly extras hampered the pursuit of happiness. SM
Push - PG-13
    - There was no effort made to "Push" tobacco out of this movie. JK
Puss in Boots - PG
    - Puss in Boots is a family fun and tobacco free adventure that everyone will love! JL
Quantum of Solace - PG-13
    - James Bond may be able to get the girl and save the day, but he just couldn't do it without a little tobacco. TA
Quarantine - R
    - In this film, you only had to worry about death by rabid psychotic animals and humans. EC
Queen, The - PG-13
    - A look into the Royal Family and British government sans tobacco. SM
Quiet Ones, The - PG-13
    - The scariest part of the movie was the amount of tobacco it had.
R.I.P.D. - PG-13
    - You have the right to remain tobacco-free. RA
R.V. - PG
    - R.V.'n with Robin Williams keeps us smoke-free. SM
Race to Witch Mountain - PG
    - Tobacco escapes the Race to Witch Mountain. SM
Racing Stripes - PG
    - Stripes the zebra thanks his entire cast for helping him run faster by keeping his lungs and environment tobacco-free! CJ
Radio - PG
    - Radio depicts a rural southern town where smoking seems normal, and unnecessary. KK-R
Raise Your Voice - PG
    - RAISE YOUR VOICE! When a movie is tobacco-free it's worth shouting about. MR
Raising Helen - PG-13
    - "Raising Helen" needs to raise the standard on sending anti-smoking messages. SH
Rambo - R
    - Even Rambo can't protect the innocent from secondhand smoke as both mercenaries and bad guys use cigarettes in this film. SM
Ramona and Beezus - G
    - No smoking in this movie! HK
Rango - PG
    - Rango – Great movie with too much tobacco… AT
Ratatouille - G
    - Remy took a risk on cooking but not a risk on smoking. AJ
Raven, The - R
    - Dark times comes with a dark lung for Poe. LT
Ray - PG-13
    - Although this film is depicting the reality of Ray as a chain smoker, it is never acceptable to smoke around a pregnant woman. CJ
Real Cancun, The - R
Real Steel - PG-13
    - Real Steel only robots, no tobacco. RA
Reaping, The - R
    - Once again, the use of an unlit cigar put this movie out of the pink lung range. CM
Rebound - PG
    - The team stayed tobacco free and made their way to win the finals. LL
Recruit, The - PG-13
Red - PG-13
    - "These retired agents may be extremely dangerous, but they are extremely wise to not get involved with tobacco." LT
Red 2 - PG-13
    - Let's not reminisce bad habits. RA
Red Dawn - PG-13
    - When you make the choice, make sure it's the right one. AP
Red Dragon - R
Red Riding Hood - PG
    - There's no tobacco in this ride! AI
Red Tails - PG-13
    - Courage has no color, but apparently, neither does tobacco content. JL
Red-Eye - PG-13
    - In Red-Eye the seatbelts were on and the smoking was gone....unfortunately brand depiction flew in the way of a pink lung for this movie. RS
Reign of Fire - PG-13
Reign Over Me - R
    - Adam Sandler shows that the power to overcome grief comes from the support and love from those around a person- not from a a cigarette - however a few extras didn't feel this way and earned the movie a light grey lung. AB
Religulous - R
    - Since this is a documentary featuring real people as opposed to actors portraying characters it receives an automatic pink lung. SM
Remember Me - PG-13
    - This movie is mixed with pro and anti-tobacco messages but ultimately it was the smoking around children that we remember and that gives this movie a black lung rating. SM
Rendition - R
    - Cigarettes, cigars, and hookah pipes were part of this rendition and really unnecessary. SM
Reno 911!: Miami - R
    - These cops should be arrested for all their tobacco use. LH
Rent - PG-13
    - Although Rent is an upbeat movie, I’m not sure how some of the characters will do, health-wise, in the next 525,600 minutes if they keep smoking. KL
Repo Men - R
    - Through blood and guts the director felt it necessary to put in one glimpse of tobacco use to make the film complete. NS
Resident Evil - R
Resident Evil: Extinction - R
    - The survivors were constantly on the lookout for zombies, and cigarettes. RL
Resident Evil: Afterlife - R
    - Why smoke tobacco to die when you're busy taking out zombies to stay alive? LT
Resident Evil: Apocalypse - R
    - The living dead, Nemesis, guns, and cigarettes…what's the difference the all kill. CL
Resident Evil: Retribution - R
    - The ultimate battle begins with smoking cigars. KT
Return, The - PG-13
    - Joanna had to deal with many disturbing and dangerous things, but never tobacco. SS
Riddick - R
    - It's Riddick-ulous that a major star decided to light up on screen. RA
Ride Along - PG-13
    - Let's not make chew a trend of 2014.
Righteous Kill - R
    - The thrills in this movie were definitely righteous, too bad the smoking wasn’t. AD
Ring Two, The - PG-13
    - The only way this movie would have been truly frightening were if there were smoking...thankfully tobacco was not used. DW
Ring, The - PG-13
Ringer, The - PG-13
    - In the scenes of Uncle Gary in the stadium stands cheering, a cigar was his best friend (even depicted use around children). I almost cheered myself when towards the end of the film they show him with a box of popcorn instead of the ugly stub. SM
Rio - PG
    - Birds sing with tobacco-free lungs. AI
Rio 2 - G
    - No smoking in this awesome adventurous movie.
Rise of the Guardians - PG
    - Tobacco-free and fun for the whole family. RA
Rise of the Planet of the Apes - PG-13
    - Despite the stressful situation of apes taking over a city, no one had the urge to smoke at all. EB
Rite, The - R
    - The Rite was so wrong for including tobacco in this film. RA
Road to Perdition - R
Road, The - R
    - Smoking is not good for survival. SM
Robin Hood - PG-13
    - Robin Hood rides tobacco-free. SM
RoboCop - PG-13
    - There's no need to use hookah a prop.
Robots - PG
    - Deadly cigars, metal or not, are never a good way to celebrate a new life. KT
Rock of Ages - PG-13
    - A rock n roll movie always has to have some tobacco in it, even if the tobacco is not smoked. RA
Rocky Balboa - PG
    - The movie Rocky Balboa should have TKO-ed all the smoking. AJ
Role Models - R
    - No tobacco of any type is depicted during this movie- even the party scenes stay smoke-free. DB
Roll Bounce - PG-13
    - Skating is obviously more disco fabulous than tobacco! DL
Rollerball - PG-13
Roommate, The - PG-13
    - She may be an awful Roommate, but she knows not to pick up a tobacco habit. JAL
Rugrats Go Wild! - PG
Ruins, The - R
    - Fortunately tobacco was not one of the many hazards at The Ruins. EC
Rum Diary, The - R
    - This movie would be more suited to be named "The Tobacco Diary" since cigar and cigarette use far outweighs alcohol. MP
Rumor Has It - PG-13
    - The Bigelows are a strange family, with strange habits passing down from generation to generation - thankfully, smoking stopped with the first generation. TA
Runaway Jury - PG-13
    - This jury runs away with an anti-tobacco message. SH
Rundown, The - PG-13
    - Those who smoked were "taken care of" by the Rock. RL
Runner Runner - R
    - I wish I could run away from all the smoking.
Running Scared - R
    - If violent crimes hadn't killed these mobsters, the smoking surely would have. LD
Running with Scissors - R
    - The movie shouldn't have been called Running with Scissors, it should've have been called Running with Tobacco. PL
Rush - R
    - Don't Rush to see this tobacco filled movie. RA
Rush Hour 3 - PG-13
    - The hilarious duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker wasn't funny enough to cover all the tobacco used in Rush Hour 3. PL
S.W.A.T. - PG-13
    - This action-packed film could have been significantly better if the producers would S.W.A.T. away the useless tobacco incidents. KP
S1m0ne (Simone) - PG-13
Sabotage - R
    - Tobacco was the plot of this movie.
Safe - R
    - It's not safe to be around tobacco. RA
Safe Haven - PG-13
    - In the darkest hour, love is the only safe haven. QT
Safe House - R
    - This Safe House is tobacco free. LT
Sahara - PG-13
    - Sahara is an entertaining movie that follows its stars into the depths of danger and out again. It's only too bad that Mr. Macy never triumphed over the dangers of cigar smoking. SS
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - PG-13
    - Salmon and smoke! AI
Salt - PG-13
    - Although no one smokes them, Salt (Angelina Jolie) places an ashtray and pack of cigarettes in front of a man being interrogated-brand isn't discernible nor is the pack necessary. SM
Sanctum - R
    - Sanctum will increase your heart rate in seconds but not because of tobacco. RA
Santa Claus 3: The Escape Claus - G
    - Santa knows that in order to fly around the world in one night he's going to need healthy lungs! JG
Santa Clause 2, The - PG-13
Savages - R
    - Keep the business clean, don’t include tobacco. AP
Saved! - PG-13
    - These kids weren't saved from the temptations of tobacco. AM
Saving Mr. Banks - PG-13
    - "I don't need anyone to see me smoking, it is such a bad habit." - Walt Disney
Saw - R
    - Filmmakers needed to SAW out the tobacco in this film because its messages gave the movie a flaw. LL
Saw 3D - R
    - People across the nation Saw the gory and tobacco free movie in 3D. RA
Saw II - R
    - In Saw II Jigsaw forced people to cut many things but he failed to cut the tobacco usage in it. PL
Saw III - R
    - Saw 3 is full of horrible, bloody, gruesome tools of death, but tobacco isn't one of them. LH
Saw IV - R
    - Not much room for anything else besides the gore in this film but a minor character does light up in one scene. SM
Saw V - R
    - Luckily Jigsaw's victims don't have to add lung cancer to the unending list of things they need to worry about. EC
Saw VI - R
    - Tobacco may have an impact on one's health or even a health providers extent of care. AP
Scanner Darkly, A - R
    - Robert Downey, Jr. blowing smoke rings as he smoked a cigarette is the reason we need to reduce smoking in movies. SM
Scary MoVie - PG-13
    - It's scary to watch a movie with tobacco in it. RA
Scary Movie 3 - PG-13
    - This movie was definitely scary with hundreds of cigarettes shown in a drawer and tobacco use around a child and pregnant woman. PL
Scary Movie 4 - PG-13
    - The fourth installment of this film didn’t follow its predecessor into the black lung category; it was smoke-free while maintaining an effective horror genre spoof. SM
School for Scoundrels - PG-13
    - Dr. P's "students" learned all sorts of ways to make themselves "cool" - thankfully most of the "scoundrels" stayed away from smoking, and thankfully those who did pick up the habit were only shown briefly. CM
School of Rock - PG-13
    - School of Rock rocks- but it's sad to say that the other gigs couldn't follow their lead by staying smoke-free. SS
Scooby Doo - PG
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed - PG
    - What would Scooby do? Say no to tobacco. Unfortunately it wasn't kept out of this kid-oriented movie. AM
Scorpion King, The - PG-13
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - PG-13
    - Scott Pilgrim won the girl of his dreams by fighting hard and staying tobacco free. RA
Scream 4 - R
    - Scream those pink lungs out. AI
Seabiscuit - PG-13
    - Smoking was prevalent in this film and during the time Seabiscuit grabbed the attention of the country--in fact, three of the main 'characters' were smokers in real life, making the film historically accurate. KT & TH
Season of the Witch - PG-13
    - Tobacco-free witches are the best! AT
Secondhand Lions - PG
    - Secondhand Lions definitely got their share of secondhand smoke. RM
Secret Life of Bees, The - PG-13
    - Rosalee uses smokeless tobacco in the book. This habit carries on into the movie in only one scene where Rosalee played by former American Idol star, Jennifer Hudson, is seen spitting. SM
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The - PG
    - This movie was visually stunning and inspiring.
Secret Window - PG-13
    - Brand depiction was no secret in this movie and even though the tobacco brands used followed the original novel, another product could have been used altogether without changing the plot. LB & SM
Secret World of Arriety, The - G
    - Do not be seen by humans or be seen with a cigarette. QT
Secretariat - PG
    - Secretariat didn’t need tobacco to be fast and fun. CF
See No Evil - R
    - There was only one thing more horrifying than the eye gouging; the amount of tobacco used in this film! DL
Seed of Chucky - R
    - The only real DUMMY is the smoker in the beginning of this movie who ironically is portrayed as a bad guy ventriloquist. SM
Seeker: The Dark is Rising, The - PG
    - The seeker seemed to seek everything but a smoke. RB
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - R
    - Brand names seem to be important to mention even in our last days on earth. ED
Semi-Pro - R
    - How can one play at a national level if they are restricted with a diseased lung? CP
Sentinel, The - PG-13
    - To find out who was behind the plot to kill the president, the agents had better things on their minds than cigarettes; although a filled ashtray prop left us wondering about the prop master's choice? DF & SM
Serenity - PG-13
    - Enter an age where technology is so advanced that we can enter and inhabit other universes. But how come technology can't stop tobacco in this film? DL
Serving Sarah - PG-13
Seven Pounds - PG-13
    - Will Smith brings it with seven pounds of clean lungs! AI
Seven Psychopaths - R
    - You can't stop someone from being who they are, but you can do something about the influence of tobacco. AP
Sex and the City - R
    - A few of the stars got "carried away" and made cigar smoking look fun and powerful. Realistically, the effects of smoking will be the most powerful ones. SM
Sex and the City 2 - R
    - Carrie and the girls are back together again in Sex in the City 2 portraying tobacco in a sexy, cool way earning the movie a dark grey lung. RA
Sex Drive - R
    - The characters had a bigger drive for tobacco than sex. LL
Sex Tape - R
    - Smoking e-cigarettes around a child is not cool.
Shaggy Dog, The - PG
    - This movie featuring Tim Allen as a dad/dog was humerous. I commend the filmmakers for not adding tobacco to this movie for a younger audience. TA
Shall We Dance? - PG-13
    - Absolutely tobacco-free... and the fantastic dancing proved it! SM
Shanghai Knights - PG-13
Shark Night 3D - PG-13
    - Shark Night was a fright because of tobacco. AI
Shark Tale - PG
    - Like a worm on a fishing hook, the bait of tobacco use for one mobster shark is too strong and Shark Tale falls from a Pink to a Light Grey. CJ
Shaun of the Dead - R
    - Shaun of the Dead, they will die slower from lung cancer than from a zombie bite. AW
She's Out of My League - R
    - Non-smoker? You're in my league!
She's the Man - PG-13
    - This movie that included a lot of high school drama didn't include any tobacco use. LL
Sherlock Holmes - PG-13
    - Sherlock Holmes solves mysteries with his close attention to detail and a pipe in his mouth. AM
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - PG-13
    - Sherlock Holmes is supposed to be a cunning, smart man and Watson is a doctor! Don't they know how terrible smoking is for you! EP
Shoot 'Em Up - R
    - Shoot 'Em Up was on its way to a pink but the few tobacco incidents of smoking around a newborn child quickly shot it to the auto black file. LL
Shooter - R
    - Although guns were a clear killer in this film, the tobacco use by Danny Glover with a celebration and power message, certainly could contribute to the death rate. SS & CM
Shopgirl - R
    - Although a few extras smoke in this film, Shopgirl provides comedy, drama, and romance without reverting to leading actors' tobacco clichés. SM
Shorts - PG
    - Through out the many "shorts" no one wished to use tobacco. SM
Showtime - PG-13
Shrek 2 - PG
    - Shrek 2 kicks the butts out of town. It's hilarious, family fun and tobacco-free. EO
Shrek Forever After - PG
    - Shrek Forever After is a great movie for the whole family, and with that in mind, it's a good thing that the filmmakers left tobacco out of it so that it could be a film that everyone could enjoy. AI
Shrek the Third - PG
    - The characters smoke free life gave them a fairy tale ending. KH
Shutter - PG-13
    - The use of a cigarette stick during a glamorous photo shoot nearly took away this movie’s pink lung status, but it is unclear if a cigarette was actually shown so the movie retains its pink lung. CM PL
Shutter Island - R
    - With so many smoking scenes one might think this movie was sponsored by a tobacco company. DN
Sicko - PG-13
    - Fleeting moments of smoking were portrayed realistically in this documentary about the health care industry. BH/LH
Side Effects - R
    - I guess the title of the movie scared away any tobacco endorsements and product placements. WS
Sideways - R
    - Smoking in a California workplace gives Sideways the Black Lung Award. AS
Signs - PG-13
Silent Hill - R
    - Silent Hill is an exquisite example of unnecessary tobacco portrayal in a film - with only two incidents in the entire two hour film our question to filmmakers is why include it at all? If the mechanic needed a prop why not use a wrench? CJ
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - R
    - Silent but not deadly. RA
Silent House - R
    - You don't need tobacco as a light for the house. AP
Silver Linnings Playbook - R
    - Silver Linnings will appear when there is no tobacco around. QT
Simpsons Movie, The - PG-13
    - Not only do we get suckered into paying for something we get free on TV, we got suckered into watching pro-tobacco messages. KT
Sin City - R
    - The worst crime committed in Sin City was the glorification of tobacco. KK-R
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas - PG
    - This movie proves that you can be a big bold adventure without a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. Way to go Sinbad! CJ
Single Moms Club, The - PG-13
    - Disappointing black lung movie.
Sinister - R
    - It's scary to see the amount of tobacco in this film. RA
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - PG
    - It's a good thing that the second hand smoke that Tibby was exposed to was not passed on with the pants. KT
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, The - PG-13
    - No matter where they traveled the were always smoke free. AJ
Sitter, The - R
    - Though the sitter does not use tobacco, these children are exposed to the tobacco usage of everyone else. ZC
Skeleton Key, The - PG-13
    - Opens doors, closes lungs. SL
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - PG
    - The 1930's images that Sky Captain recreated were beautiful, but what really made it soar was the lack of tobacco use. KT
Sky High - PG
    - Will Stronghold not only gets an A for his hero class, but an A+ for not smoking. AS
Skyfall - PG-13
    - Mission failed: Tobacco detected. RA
Skyline - PG-13
    - Skyline filled the sky with tobacco! SS
Sleepover - PG
    - These girls did a lot of crazy things, but even they weren't crazy enough to try tobacco. SS
Slither - R
    - A few unnecessary tobacco incidents slithered their way into this movie. SM
Slumdog Millionaire - R
    - As Jamal's story is revealed so is tobacco with power, rebellious messages. SM
Smart People - R
    - The title of this movie is misleading because when it comes down to it 'smart' people do not use tobacco. LM
Smokin' Aces - R
    - Tobacco users are smoked away in "Smokin' Aces." AB
Smurfs 2, The - PG
    - Smurfs 2 is smurf-tastically tobacco-free. RC
Smurfs, The - PG
    - No smurfing tobacco in this movie! RA
Snakes on a Plane - R
    - Snakes were the only harmful element on the plane. RL
Snitch - PG-13
    - Snitch and tell everyone to not watch this tobacco packed film. RA
Snow White and the Huntsman - PG-13
    - In order to stay pure, innocent and beautiful like Snow White, don't smoke! QT
Social Network, The - PG-13
    - It’s easy to make enemies with tobacco in this film. AI
Solaris - PG-13
Soloist, The - PG-13
    - Tobacco and drug addiction was shown realistically but when it came to Robert Downey, Jr. smoking a cigarette it was seen as cool and relaxing, just the right image to encourage someone to use it. CF & SM
Something Borrowed - PG-13
    - Even with all the drama good thing there was no smoking brought into the situation. AJ
Something New - PG-13
    - Cigar smoking by the extras robbed this love story of a pink lung - not to mention the perfectly healthy characters breathing in a little something new. LL
Something's Gotta Give - PG-13
    - Something's Gonna Give… Jack Nicholson's lungs if he doesn't quit smoking. SH
Son of God - PG-13
    - An uplifting and inspiring story with no tobacco portrayal.
Son of the Mask - PG
    - The Son of the Mask watches cartoon characters smoke, witnesses the Mask's transformation into a smoking cowboy, and finally as a cartoon character he offers cigars to gain the attention of his father. Guess one could say the son was influenced. SM
Sorcerer's Apprentice, The - PG
    - In all of the smoke and mirrors of this magic movie, none of the smoke was coming from a cigarette! CF
Sorority Boys - R
Sorority Row - R
    - At a sorority party with alcohol and murder, tobacco makes a short appearance. NS
Soul Men - R
    - Lois Hinds and Floyd Henderson bring back old memories from the 70's by reuniting, but bring up the same bad habits like smoking. AS
Soul Plane - R
    - This movie depicts that it's cool to use cigars and blunts. Are cancerous lungs and premature death really cool? KL
Soul Surfer - PG
    - Bite into this amazing true story and you'll find inspiring female surfers instead of coughing tobacco users. ED
Source Code - PG-13
    - Source Code was sending us a message that tobacco doesn’t belong in the past or present. RA
Space Chimps - G
    - Space Chimps didn't smoke on earth or in space. AJ
Spanglish - PG-13
    - Another hysterical Adam Sandler classic, Spanglish, is made without the use of tobacco. KL
Sparkle - PG-13
    - Motown sparkles, but tobacco dims that glory. ZC
Spartan - R
    - Is the audience really to believe Scott (played by Val Kilmer) is a hero for rescuing the President's daughter and then hand rolling a cigarette, lighting it, and giving it to her to smoke? SM
Speed Racer - PG
    - The director could have done a good job without having tobacco in his PG rated movie because the tobacco didn't have any real purpose. Therefore, Speed Racer deserves its Dark Grey rating. SS
Spider-Man - PG-13
Spider-Man 2 - PG-13
    - Spiderman may have lost his web in this movie, but what he needs to lose are the cigars. SC
Spider-Man 3 - PG-13
    - In this sequel the battle lies within…Peter Parkers lungs thanks to all the secondhand cigar smoke that J. Jonah Jameson puffs around him. BH
Spiderwick Chronicles, The - PG
    - The grossest substance in this film came from Hogsqueal, the pig who spit goo containing magical powers. SM
Spirit, The - PG-13
    - The movie had a bad spirit and by choosing to include smoking scenes it earns a dark grey lung. RA
Splice - R
    - Even half-human hybrids know that smoking is bad. JK
SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The - PG
    - While SpongeBob and Patrick were being goofy goobers, a thug in the tug was being a smokey goober with his pipe. JF
Spring Breakers - R
    - Spring Break? More like Smoke Break. RA
Spy Kids 3D: Game Over - PG
    - This 3-D kids movie stayed true to its audience, by staying tobacco-free. KK-R
Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D - PG
    - Little Spies. Big Attitude. No smoking. JL
Spy Next Door, The - PG
    - The movie had plenty of funny gags that the filmmakers didn't have to include, in the outtakes, a cigarette to depict a gag played on one of the actors during filming. SM
Star Trek - PG-13
    - The Last Smokeless Frontier. JP
Star Trek Into Darkness - PG-13
    - Even as they headed into darkness, Star Trek stayed tobacco-free. RC
Star Trek: Nemesis - PG-13
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace - PG
    - Tobacco free in a galaxy far far away. AI
Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith - PG-13
    - The battle between the light and dark side results in only burning bodies and not burning cigarettes. DW
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - PG
    - While the Jedis may have saved the Republic, no one would be able to save Ziro the Hutt's lungs. MP
Stardust - PG-13
    - The search for the "star" ended safely with one slight encounter with tobacco. KY
Starsky and Hutch - PG-13
    - We've got a new title for this film "Starskey and Hack". KT
State of Play - PG-13
    - It only took one actor and several minutes to go from pink lung to black lung: One Mystery, One Addict, One Verdict. JP
Stay Alive - PG-13
    - Another movie where young adults are made to light up this time teen fan-based Sophia Bush is the victim. SM
Stealing Harvard - PG-13
Stealth - PG-13
    - Even with the power of stealth, this movie couldn't hide the tobacco use from the audience. LL
Step Brothers - R
    - The two stars in Step Brothers cried, laughed, and even sung together but they never once decided it was time to light up a cigarette. RB
Step Up - PG-13
    - It's great that director Anne Fletcher decided to Step Up and not include tobacco in this movie. DL
Step Up 2 the Streets - PG-13
    - Step Up Two made sure to keep it smoke free on the streets. AJ
Step Up 3D - PG-13
    - Step Up 3D danced its way to a pink lung. RA
Step Up Revolution - PG-13
    - Step Up took a step down with its portrayal of tobacco. AI
Stepfather, The - PG-13
    - Suspenseful movies are more exciting when there isn't any smoking to take you away from the plot. SV
Stepford Wives, The - PG-13
    - The cliché scenario of men sitting around a clubhouse smoking cigars is really overdone. LB
Stick It - PG-13
    - The only sticks in this movie were the landings, not tobacco. LL
Stomp the Yard - PG-13
    - Street-style dance moves upstage the minor use of tobacco in this film. SM
Stop-Loss - R
    - These soldiers should STOP smoking and LOSE the cigarettes. EC
Stranger Than Fiction - PG-13
    - It shouldn't seem stranger than fiction that a good friend would want to help someone very addicted to smoking quit the habit. Queen Latifah's character was never yielding in her attempts to save the life of her friend. SM
Strangers, The - R
    - Cigarettes were no strangers to Live Tyler. LL
Straw Dogs - R
    - Everyone has a breaking point, but tobacco should not be one of them.ZC
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li - PG-13
    - Fighting may be cool but being caught smoking isn't. JP
Street Kings - R
    - These men aren't just kings of the street, they are kings of tobacco. HH
Stuart Little 2 - PG
Stuck on You - PG-13
    - These brothers are stuck on each other but other characters are stuck on cigarettes. LB
Sucker Punch - PG-13
    - The sucker punch of this movie, was the tobacco. AI
Sum of All Fears - PG-13
Sunshine Cleaning - R
    - While there were only a few incidents of someone smoking a lit cigarette, tobacco crept in to this movie in other ways. JS
Super 8 - PG-13
    - Super 8 gets a super thumbs down for tobacco use around children.JD
Super Size Me - not rated
    - Morgan Spurlock included strong anti-tobacco messages in this documentary about obesity. SM
Super Troopers - R
Superbad - R
    - Jokes can't cover-up how "Superbad" it is to have so much smoking in a film. EC
Superhero Movie - PG-13
    - Unfortunately, Wolverine's habit crossed over into this superhero parody. SM
Superman Returns - PG-13
    - Superman Returns narrowly missed earning a pink lung for all of its anti tobacco messages with Superman encouraging Lois Lane not to smoke by showing Lex Luthor smoking a cigar with no anti message to counter the images of power and celebration. KT
Surf's Up - PG
    - Surf's Up stayed true to the audience it caters to and didn't display any smoking. BH
Surrogates - PG-13
    - Smoking was not included in Surrogate's future-based world. HK
Surviving Christmas - PG-13
    - Drew Latham (Ben Affleck) survives Christmas with his rented family because non of them ever lit up a cigarette. MT
Suspect Zero - R
    - This movie may have succeeded in stopping serial killers, but did not stomp out another serious killer…tobacco, by including it in a close-up in one scene. CJ
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - R
    - Sweeney Todd's barber razor was the most dangerous thing in this film, not tobacco. EC
Sweet Home Alabama - PG-13
Swimfan - PG-13
Swing Vote - PG-13
    - Swing Vote certainly swumg me with its tobacco free story. CF
Switch, The - PG-13
    - Before Kassie (Aniston) can light a cigarette Wally (Bateman) smacks it away without any dialogue on the consequences of smoking. This along with an extra smoking wasn't crucial to the plot. SM
Sydnee White - PG-13
    - This modern day Snow White tale was cute and charming just like the original and no smoking! CF
Syriana - R
    - Mostly extras smoke in this film but the opening scene depicts smoking as glamorous and is a prime example of how tobacco in film may encourage youth to pick up a deadly habit. SM
Take the Lead - PG-13
    - In an attempt to make this tribute film to Pierre Dulaine (former professional dancer) realistic, the directors made a wise decision in keeping tobacco away from its dancers. No one wants to see someone coughing in the middle of a dance competition! AF
Taken - PG-13
    - Taken was action-packed, not tobacco packed but the brand depiction gives it the auto black lung. LL
Taken 2 - PG-13
    - Take the tobacco out of the movie. RA
Takers - PG-13
    - Money isn't the only thing being taken in Takers- it takes tobacco too far! CF
Taking Lives - R
    - Don't let the cigarette use by the trio of characters played by Hawke, Sutherland, and Martinez fool you. This use is addictive and takes lives in its own gruesome manner. SM
Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, The - R
    - At least Pelham 123's passengers weren't in danger of secondhand smoke. EC
Taking Woodstock - R
    - Pipes, cigars, cigarettes abound in this film. SM
Tale of Despereaux, The - G
    - The Tale of Despereaux showed that you could take on big challenges and big feats without having to rely on tobacco to survive all the stress. RB
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - PG-13
    - "I wanna go fast!" is the motto of the movie, and with the smoking habits of some of the characters, they really will "go" somewhere fast. JT
Tammy - R
    - Tammy was hilarious and tobacco-free.
Tangled - PG
    - Tobacco wasn’t an issue in this tangled up movie. RA
Taxi - PG-13
    - There are no tobacco fumes coming from this "Taxi". JM
Team America: World Police - R
    - The members of Team America were the real terrorists in this movie, portraying tobacco as cool and a helpful way to save the world. KK-R
Tears of the Sun - R
Ted - R
    - Ted may be a Teddy Bear, but tobacco still flaunts in his life. ZC
Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor - PG-13
    - Don’t be tempted to try tobacco. RA
Terminal, The - PG-13
    - Smoking in a work area of the JFK airport warrants the black lung. SM
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - R
    - The Pink Lung was almost 'terminated' due to specific brand depiction but lack of tobacco use saved the pink! SM
Terminator Salvation - PG-13
    - Tobacco is terminated. SM
Texas Chainsaw 3D - R
    - Tobacco is the bigger killer. RA
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The - R
    - Leatherface isn't the only "gross-out" in this movie, the sheriff spitting chew spewed groans from the audience. SM
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The: The Beginning - R
    - Texas Chainsaw Massacre narrowly missed receiving a pink lung by showing a credited non-star and an extra smoking in one scene. CM
Thank You for Smoking - R
    - According to Thank You for Smoking, smoking should be a personal choice that everyone makes for themselves, and no one should be able to stop people from smoking and therefore choosing the path that leads to death. LH
That Awkward Moment - R
    - That tobacco-free moment.
That's My Boy - R
    - Tobacco doesn't make a parent look cool. RA
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - PG-13
    - Review Pending
The Grand Budapest Hotel - R
    - There was a grand amount of smoking in this movie.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - PG-13
    - We're taking the Hobbit to get some gold, but not without a disgusting overused pipe that gives us cancer! MS
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - PG-13
    - The Hobbit is a popular movie but it is also a black lung movie.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - PG-13
    - Tobacco-free games!
The Legend of Hercules - PG-13
    - Hercules is a tobacco-free hero.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 - PG-13
    - A sweet romance between human, vampires and werewolves with only a little bit of smoking at the beginning. QT
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2 - PG-13
    - Forever is possible for anyone if tobacco is not involved. QT
There Will Be Blood - R
    - There Will Be Blood and lung cancer if everyone keeps smoking in this movie. EC
They - PG-13
Thing, The - R
    - As smart as these scientists are they still couldn’t stay away from tobacco. AI
Think Like a Man - PG-13
    - Think Like a Man, dont smoke tobacco. AI
Think Like a Man Too - PG-13
    - The movie makers should have thought about keeping tobacco out of this movie.
This Christmas - PG-13
    - Because of the multiple cigarette appearances in This Christmas, it definitely deserves its pro-tobacco rating even though the incidents were concentrated into two or three scenes. SS
This is 40 - R
    - No matter how old you turn, you should never turn to tobacco. AP
This is It - PG
    - This Is It is a tribute to the King of Pop: his creativity, his talent, and his passion to live and love. KE
This Is the End - R
    - This movie should have been the end of smoking in movies. RA
This Means War - R
    - This movie may mean war, but it doesn’t mean smoking. BP
This Means War - PG-13
Thor - PG-13
    - Thor saved the lungs of millions by keeping earth tobacco free. RA
Thor: The Dark World - PG-13
    - Thor is our tobacco-free hero.
Three Musketeers, The - PG-13
    - A musketeer shouldn’t need tobacco. AI
Three Stooges, The - PG
    - These three stooges know how to joke without taking a smoke. CJ
Time Traveler's Wife, The - PG-13
    - The Time Traveler's Wife was a near-perfect interpretation of the book, touching the hearts of so many while staying tobacco-free. J-AL
Timeline - PG-13
    - A tobacco-free "timeline". PL
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - R
    - It’s easier to count how many people didn’t smoke in this movie! AT
Titanic - PG-13
    - Sinking and Smoking. AI
    - No smoke went up in these sewers.Cowabunga! CM
To Rome with Love - R
    - Even background extras cant get away with smoking. RA
Tooth Fairy - PG
    - The Tooth Fairy was all about pearly whites, definitely no yellow, tobacco-stained teeth in this movie! EP
Torque - PG-13
    - Wow! The actors and directors of this film really know how to portray rebellion and coolness by using talent and props other than the cancer stick. SM
Total Recall - PG-13
    - Tobacco does not exist in the fake world nor the real world. KT
Tourist, The - PG-13
    - A smoking tourist in Venice would cause many of the characters and viewers to call him more of a 'moronic American' than a 'respectable action hero'." ED
Tower Heist - PG-13
    - This film deserves the Pink Lung award because there were no incidents. AP
Town, The - R
    - "Even flowers can't cover up the stink of cigarettes" AI
Toy Story 3 - G
    - No room for tobacco as Woody, Buzz, and the toys launch mission number 3. SM
Toy Story, 3D - G
    - The historic Toy Story is smoke-free. SM
Traitor - PG-13
    - Main character, Don Cheadle, was a traitor to his lungs as he lit up in almost half of all the tobacco incidents in this movie. RB
Transcendence - PG-13
    - Transcendence was tobacco-free.
Transformers - PG-13
    - It's a good thing no transformation is needed to turn the stars of transformers into non-smoking actors--they do it all on their own! BP
Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen - PG-13
    - Our revenge-even The Fallen stay tobacco-free in this action-packed film. SM
Transformers: Age of Extinction - PG-13
    - Transformers: Age of Tobacco?
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - PG-13
    - Transform into a tobacco free future. AI
Transporter - PG-13
Transporter 2 - PG-13
    - Gianni was obviously an evil man; no need to add the cigarette. KT
Transporter 3 - PG-13
    - Even through all the action tobacco is still present. NS
Trapped - R
Treasure Planet - PG
Tristan and Isolde - PG-13
    - A classic movie all can see with no messages of tobacco hindering the enjoyment. SK
Tron: Legacy - PG
    - The smokeless sequel to a timeless classic. JP
Tropic Thunder - R
    - There was more Smoke than Thunder in the Tropics during 'Tropic Thunder'. EC
Trouble with the Curve - PG-13
    - Trouble with tobacco use. EF
Troy - R
    - Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom prove you don't need cigarettes to make a movie HOT! AN
True Grit - PG-13
    - What was a great movie was tarnished by the black fumes produced from the tobacco. SS
Tuck Everlasting - PG
Tupac: Resurrection - R
    - 2Pac can't be resurrected with all the smoking he does. SM
Turbo - PG
    - Turbo has healthy lungs, that’s why he is so fast!
Turistas - R
    - Minimal tobacco use, maximum gut-wrenching gore. SM
Tuxedo, The - PG-13
Twilight - PG-13
    - The Cullen Vampires may suck blood, but they sure aren't sucking on cigarettes. ZC
Twilight Saga: New Moon, The - PG-13
    - Whether you are for team Jacob or team Edward everyone wins when tobacco is not shown in a hugely popular teen movie. SM
Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The - PG-13
    - The saga continues...no smoking, just like the two films before, which is important considering a large majority of the viewers are tweens and teens. MP
Twisted - R
    - The use of cigarettes in this film is "Twisted" as one serial killer uses them to mark his victims. SH
Two Brothers - PG
    - The smoking in this film was a distraction from the love shared by two brothers. RL
Two for the Money - R
    - The only gambling in this movie was with tobacco use and the characters' lives. MR
Two Weeks Notice - PG-13
Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas - PG-13
    - A tobacco-free holiday movie!
Ugly Truth, The - R
    - It's true, tobacco-free movies do exist and this film proves it. SM
Ultraviolet - PG-13
    - Violet may come from a world and a movie we may not understand, but we do understand it's a tobacco-free world. DL
Unaccompanied Minors - PG
    - 5 kids running around in the airport trying to escape but never tried to smoke. AJ
Unborn, The - PG-13
    - Better "unborn" than caught smoking. JP
Under the Same Moon - PG-13
    - Carmen Salinas not only took a risk by helping people cross the border, but also risked her health, along with the health of a child, by smoking. AI
Under the Tuscan Sun - PG-13
    - Smoking around a pregnant woman is never appropriate even under the Tuscan sun. KT
Undercover Brother - PG-13
Underdog - PG
    - Underdog could have saved this movie if not for his very brief use of a Sherlock Holmes costume complete with a pipe. CF
Underworld - R
    - Only Lycans stay smoke-free in this underworld. SL
Underworld: Evolution - R
    - Underworld was a movie based on Vampires and Werewolves who were fighting against each other to survive; luckily smoking didn’t hinder their survival. TA
Underworld: Awakening - R
    - This movie was focused on action instead of tobacco. HM
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - R
    - Even these vampires weren't willing to risk their immortality by using tobacco.
Undisputed - R
Unfaithful - R
Uninvited, The - PG-13
    - The uninvited tobacco didn't make an appearance. SM
United 93 - R
    - An inspirational story, pure till the very end. DL
Unknown - PG-13
    - His identity was unknown, but it wasnt unknown that the investigator smoked. BP
Unleashed - R
    - Given the situations and characters, job well done at avoiding tobacco. DW
Unstoppable - PG-13
    - Unstoppable proved that tobacco can be derailed. RA
Untraceable - R
    - Another killer was untraceable in this film, tobacco. SM
Up - PG
    - Carl and Russel take a wild adventure to South America, smoke free. AJ
Up in the Air - R
    - There is no reason to fire 'Up in the Air' off of your movie list. DN
Upside of Anger - R
    - The acting was great in this movie, tobacco wasn't needed to portray the unique characteristics of the angered stars. SM
Uptown Girls - PG-13
    - The specific cigarette brand depiction in this film was unnecessary and added an unwanted spark to the movie. LH
V for Vendetta - R
    - V is for very little tobacco use but because it was used by a supporting actor and filmmakers used it as a spoof during a TV comedy show the lung turned dark grey. JT & SM
Vacancy - R
    - Vacancy barely missed getting a pink lung due to an ashtray w/ 7 butts in it. Other than that, tobacco is "Vacant" throughout the movie. BH
Valentine's Day - PG-13
    - This Valentine's Day was a day full of romance and smoke-free. AJ
Valiant - G
    - A movie for kids without tobacco use, is Valiant! EF
Valkyrie - PG-13
    - Killer plot and killer tobacco. JK
Vampire Academy - PG-13
    - These vampires remained tobacco-free.
Vampires Suck - PG-13
    - In this pink lung film, vampires may suck but so does tobacco. LT
Van Helsing - PG-13
    - Van Helsing was quick to slay the only smoker in this film. Maybe he should go after the blood sucking tobacco industry next. AD
Van Wilder - R
Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj - R
    - The Rise of Taj" rises above the need to place tobacco content in movies. BP
Vanity Fair - PG-13
    - If Napoleon's army wouldn't have sent George to his grave prematurely, his tobacco use would have. KT
Vantage Point - PG-13
    - No matter through which vantage point you looked through, smoking was not included in any of them. AD
Vicky Cristina Barcelona - PG-13
    - Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Tobacco? HH
View From the Top - PG-13
Village, The - PG-13
    - With the exception of one unlit pipe, The Village managed to protect its innocence by keeping tobacco out. CJ
Visitor, The - PG-13
    - Surprisingly, only a minor cigarette incident is noted in this movie set in the busy city of New York. SM
Vow, The - PG-13
    - Life is about moments of impact. Don't let cigarettes ruin these once-in-a-lifetime instants since you never know what will happen tomorrow. QT
W. - PG-13
    - This movie told the huge story of our current president's life and although the movie portrayed the smoking habits of actual people, numerous extras were also seen smoking making the amount of smoking as extensive as the story. CF
Waist Deep - R
    - Guns weren't the only problem, they were "waist deep" in tobacco use. RL
Waiting - R
    - Over the top with tons of tobacco use in a restaurant including use by underage girls trying to appear older. SM
Waitress - PG-13
    - Cheryl Hines shouldn't have "waited" around a pregnant Keri Russell with a cigarette in her mouth. BH
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story - R
    - It is a long road to walk when you use tobacco.
Walk the Line - PG-13
    - Johnny Cash “Walking the Line,” or overcoming drug addiction, apparently didn't include tobacco use; however, this movie receives the automatic black lung for tobacco use around a child and pregnant woman. LH
Walk to Remember, A - PG
Walking Tall - PG-13
    - The Rock remembers that in order to walk tall you should sustain from smoking. AS
Walking with Dinosaurs 3D - PG
    - Walk with tobacco-free Dinosaurs.
Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps - PG-13
    - Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is full of power, greed, and pro tobacco messages. JD
Wall-E - G
    - Wall-E was able to keep space and Earth clean and clear of any smoking. AJ
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit - G
    - Less clay could have been used for the production of Wallace & Gromit if the pipes had been left out of the mouths of the G-rated characters, Mr. Mulch and another farmer throughout the film. CJ
Wanderlust - R
    - If you wander with tobacco, it would only provide problems. AP
Wanted - R
    - Fortunately, most people in this film never Wanted to smoke; they were too busy shooting each other. EC
War - R
    - Because of the balanced perceived messages, there was a 'War' between the pro and anti tobacco messages but the victor was the auto black lung because of smoking around children. LL
War Horse - PG-13
    - This poor war horse was surrounded by an environment of smokers. LT
War of the Worlds - PG-13
    - In War of the Worlds the aliens failed to exterminate the human race but they did succeed in cutting the tobacco from this film. PL
Warm Bodies - PG-13
    - There's nothing hotter than a girl with brains and no tobacco. QT
Warrior - PG-13
    - Warriors above the influence. LT
Warrior's Way, The - R
    - The Warrior's Way should be a path free of tobacco-AI
Watch, The - R
    - Watch out for all that tobacco. RA
Watchmen - R
    - When superheroes smoke and murder essentially half of the world, you know something is very wrong. EC
Water for Elephants - PG-13
    - These elephants drink water and inhale second hand smoke. AI
Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, The - PG
    - Movie geared for families, rated PG + tobacco use around a child = automatic black lung. SM
We Are Marshall - PG
    - In "We Are Marshall," many people suffered through a horrible tragedy, but none of them resorted to smoking. SS
We Bought a Zoo - PG
    - We Bought a tobacco-free Zoo. RA
We Own the Night - R
    - From cigarettes to cigars, to drugs, to the mafia, to family and relationship conflicts, there is nothing this movie lacks. CP
We're the Millers - R
    - Bad guys are lame guys when they smoke in movies. RA
Weatherman, The - R
    - I forecast tobacco addiction for the children smokers in this movie. LD